Customized Mattress

Customized Mattress

March 30, 2009
In the Bedroom

Sometimes referred to as a Bed Kit or Modular Mattress, a customized mattress can be changed to fit your personal firmness and support preferences buy you at home should the need ever arise. Some mattress kits allow custom comfort on each side of the bed so one sleeper can have a firm supportive feel, while the other drifts off in a softer cloudlike feel. A number of latex mattress manufacturers give you a wide range in firmness choices like soft, medium, or firm and extra firm latex layers to choose from that may be wrapped or unwrapped. Check with your manufacturer, local retailer or online mattress retailer like STLBeds for availability.

Typically built in 9 inch or 8 inch thick mattresses, there can be as many as 6 interchangeable plates of all 100 percent all natural latex rubber that will give you a truly personalized feel unequaled by other mattresses. You create your own comfort and firmness by choosing the correct interchangeable comfort layers that best fits your support and comfort needs. This may require a little help from a sales associate, but with their experience the perfect mattresses can be created just for you. Another advantage to a create your own mattress is that each partners’ individual firmness can be completely different from the other person’s, achieving something few mattress can claim, two uniquely different sleeping zones within the same mattress.

Construction of these build your own bed designs are quite simple, customizable layers are enclosed in what some call an upholstered mattress suitcase. The suitcase is zippered with a removable mattress top. The quilted mattress top can be completely removed by undoing the zipper in the same manner you would unzip and remove a coat or a jacket. The inserted layers are usually made from very durable and sustainable pieces of all natural Dunlop latex rubber, but other materials like memory foam and polyurethane foam, and blended latex rubber layers are not uncommon as well. Build your own bed kits are a smart way to not only keep up with your body’s changing needs as you get older but are also easier on the environment because worn out parts or pieces can be replaced saving you money. Every year hundreds of thousands of mattresses that don’t decompose very well take up precious space in our landfills bed kits are a solution.

Many companies like OMI, Greensleep, and Land and Sky are going a step further offering organic mattresses that are more sustainable than traditional mattress and boxsprings. Companies like these and others take this custom bed kit concept to another level by offering safer mattresses that are more environmentally friendly and non toxic and virtually no toxic chemicals.

We hope you will stay and shop our mattresses. We encourage you to shop other manufactures that offer various levels of at home customization to your mattress. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • OMI
  • Green Sleep
  • Natura World
  • Savvy Rest
  • Land and Sky
  • Flobeds

Know another? Add it to our list in the comment area.