Cracked Wood Side Rails, Can You Buy New Ones or Fix Them?

August 14, 2010
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My wood side rails on my bed frame have cracked/split.

Can these be replaced without having to buy a new bed frame?


Many people come into our store seeking new wood side rails for their bed when their old ones have cracked.

There are a couple problems these people commonly face when seeking out new wood sides. The first is trying to get the new side rails to match the old bed. Colors and shades are often different making it look as though you were trying to match but failed to do so. If you cover the side rails with a dust ruffle or bed skirt this may hide the fact they do not match.

Cracked Wood Side Rails, Can You Buy New Ones Or Fix Them? Replace side rails with the 62 CS

Another problem is wood side rails are often not sold separately rather they come with the particular headboard and footboard the store shows them with. If the store sells wood rails separately just make sure that they fit or that you may return them for a refund if they don’t.

Another option is to use replacement steel hook rails like Glideaway’s 62CS or for a queen size, K80 for a king size, #1 rails for twin size or #2 for a full size. Queen and king size rails should always have center supports. The center support bar should have at the very minimum one foot but preferably two or more. Be sure to follow the directions carefully for whatever replacement frame you use. Failure to do so can apply too munch weight to the support pins in the headboard or footboard and it to could eventually crack or split out. Additional weight can be reduced by screwing the threaded feet into a down position firmly against the floor or carpeting.

Lastly the footboard can be removed if so desired. Steel metal frames are made to convert beds with headboards and footboards to just a headboard only. Cost savings is very minimal but offers additional space savings in bedrooms with limited space and can be quite advantageous.

Cracked Wood Side Rails, Can You Buy New Ones Or Fix Them? Replace Twin or Full Side Rails With F71001 Hook Rails

To prevent the problem of cracked wood side rails we suggest using additional steel supports that replace old fashioned wood slats. Systems are available that offer multiple support bars which can often have as many as 4 feet per steel slat bar. These systems are strong enough to hold softside waterbeds making them perfect for mattresses and boxsprings which are significantly lighter in weight.

What ever method you choose there is a way to replace broken or cracked wood side rails for beds and if you are lucky enough to of read this blog before damage has occurred you now know how to prevent such damage before it happens.