Replace Only The Thermostat Or Only The Waterbed Heater Pad On A Waterbed?

How Can I Cool My Waterbed Heater Down

April 2, 2010
In the Bedroom

I have turned my waterbed heater setting down as low as it will go,

however it is still too way to hot. Is there anything else I can do? I am afraid if I leave it plugged in it may catch fire.

Yes definitely unplug it an get rid of it for a new one. If the waterbed mattress is getting too hot even if you have turned the thermostat way down then you have a bad thermostat. The best thing to do is to throw the both the heating pad and the control box away. There are safety features built in to protect you however our solution; (Replace the Water bed Heater)

Waterbed heaters do not last forever and good ones often last on average between seven to eight years. If you move your bed more frequently do not be surprised if after reinstalling it, that it no longer heats up or heats properly. This is just some food for thought when you replace your water bed heater or move the water bed to some other place.

  • You should never just buy one or the other for many different reasons  safety being the the primary one of concern for the reason of fire risk or even electrical shock.

Other possible water bed heater problems

What if my water bed will not heat up?

If the water is cold one there are a few very common causes.

  • The pad is weak and can no longer maintain the desired temperature. (Replace the Water bed Heater)
  • The other thing that can happen is that the heating element is often made of wire, aluminum, or an alloy, which contracts and expands due to the heating and cooling cycles. This makes the material weak and if not handled very gingerly can be broken. This broken wire will cause the malfunction switch to trip and the heater will not heat. (Replace the Water bed Heater)
  • Another thing that can happen is short cycling due to improper positioning of the temperature sensor. (Install Waterbed Heater Correctly)