Common Sleep Spoilers And Budget-Friendly Fixes

July 6, 2018
Healthy Sleep

Sleep spoilers are common. They are responsible for most of your sleepless nights. The sooner you know your own sleep spoilers the faster you fix them. Here are the common sleep spoilers and budget-friendly fixes you could do right now.

Bright Lights

Be it artificial or sunlight, all lights disrupt sleep patterns. It spikes up your cortisol levels and suppresses the release of melatonin  – the hormone that regulates your sleep. So whether it is light coming in from your large bedroom windows or your light bulb, bright light is spoiling your sleep.

Fix: Blackout all bright lights when it is time to sleep. You should turn off all visible lights in your room as well as cover windows with blackout curtains to prevent morning light from disrupting your sleep cycle too early.

Too Much Activity Before Bedtime

There are times when you’re exhausted after working all day but when you hit the lights at bedtime you find it difficult to fall asleep. It’s a common scenario and the culprit is too much activity right before bedtime. From watching your favorite TV show to cooking dinner or checking facebook, sometimes your body and mind find it hard to transition into sleep mode.

Fix: Allow time to unwind. You could read, take a hot bath or do anything that relaxes your mind and help you fall asleep.

Noise! Noise! Noise!

Noise is a major common sleep spoiler. It leaves you staring at the ceiling in bed, made sleepless by its unpleasant sound? Whether it is a dog barking outside or the shift of an old house to a partner rustling pages, noise keeps your brain and interferes with the process of relaxing and falling asleep.

Fix: Block out the sound. With a cheap pair of earplugs, you can sleep in total silence. But if total silence doesn’t work for you could invest in a sound machine to play a constant stream of white sound throughout the night.

The Not-so-Comfortable Mattress

Nothing trumps an uncomfortable mattress as a common sleep spoiler. Many of us have slept on a bed that made us very uncomfortable and disrupted our sleep. Some people experience this once and for some others it’s a daily nightmare. If your regular mattress in your bedroom is old, lumpy, or uncomfortable, besides all else that’s your number one sleep spoiler.

Fix: upgrade your mattress to upgrade your sleep. Your overall quality of life and happiness partly relies on how well you sleep and how rested you feel throughout the day. STL beds offer you superior quality mattress for a comfortable sleep at ridiculously budget-friendly prices.

Pillows: Thick or Thinner?

Your pillows are not left out. What type of pillows do you have? Fluffy pillows angle the head forward and put a kink in the neck. Depending on how you sleep, your pillow could be a sleep spoiler.

Fix: If you sleep on your stomach, you should look for very soft pillows, such as loosely packed down feather, to lessen the strain on their back. And if you’re old or have a slight hunch or spinal curve you will need a fuller pillow to tilt your head forward when you sleep.

Your Stress Level is Disrupting your Sleep

This is a no-brainer. Just like too much activity before bedtime could disrupt your sleep so it is when you’re worried or stressed irrespective of how exhausted you may be. Although stress is not tangible, like an uncomfortable mattress, the stress you carry through your day can certainly follow you to bed at night. The result is a long sleepless night. In a stressed-out state, your brain has a hard time fully relaxing, and stress hormones are known to interrupt your normal sleep cycle.

Fix: take a breather. Relax. Easier said? Yes, but it’s important to try to take steps to decompress. For instance, talking about your worries with a friend, or even a stranger, can help you get it out and give yourself permission to not worry about it until the next day.

Alternatively, you could consider trying out yoga, meditation, writing your worries in a journal or doing something creative.

Screens and Blue Light

Sleep experts say using a smartphone or tablet in bed is counter-productive to your body winding down at night. The explanation is that the light from your devices makes your brain think it’s still light outside. True, some people relax by scrolling through social media, streaming a TV show or playing a quick game on their phone or tablet. But we mentioned that it not only amounts to too much activity before bedtime but its screen lights disrupt your sleep.

Fix: simply put the screen away. Putting the phone on night mode is not enough, it’s best to not watch TV or use your devices in bed. Alternatively, you could put them off or away at least 30 minutes before trying to fall asleep.

Final thoughts

A good night sleep is highly underrated until you try to fall asleep but can’t find sleep because of one sleep spoiler or the other. Knowing your sleep spoilers and trying out the fixes suggested in this article can help you sleep better.