Choosing The Right Pillows For Your New Bed

Choosing The Right Pillows For Your New Bed

January 26, 2015
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Today we are going to be discussing choosing the right pillows for your new bed.

Pillows are an essential part of a good night’s sleep, providing support for your neck and shoulders and a nice soft comfortable surface to lay your head. When looking for new pillows for your new mattress, support and comfort should be the most important factors followed by the filling used to stuff the pillow.

The fillings used for pillows are often the same as those used for duvets. The most expensive, goose down and has a magnificent feel void of any quills, and is airy, light, and fluffy. Pillows made with goose-down filling are soft with natural buoyancy. Pressure from a person’s head, neck, and shoulders causes the down’s tendrils to open, filling any air pockets or tiny voids, offering excellent support. Quality down pillows, whether stuffed with goose or duck down, can last at least ten years making them a value-packed choice.

Some pillows are filled with treated feathers which are more resilient when it comes to keeping the pillow’s original shape. While feathers will make a pillow firmer, they don’t necessarily offer better support.

The Difference Between Down And Feathers

This is why many prefer pillows that are filled with down and feathers. When you see a pillow labeled “down and feathers” it typically means at least 51% of the filling consists of down. Pillows filled with down and feathers are warm, light, and offer the firmness of down but the softness of feathers. Pillows filled with more down than feathers tend to last longer than pillows filled with more feathers than down.

Others prefer pillows filled with synthetic fiber because they are soft, resilient, and non-allergenic. Pillows filled with synthetic fiber are also the easiest type of pillow to wash.

When it comes to pillows made from foam fillings and polyester foam chips, you get what you pay for. Not only are polyester foam pillows the least expensive, but for many people, they are also the least comfortable because they quickly become bumpy and lumpy with a very inconsistent feel. On the plus side, most are non-allergenic and washable, making them excellent pillows for guests and children’s bedrooms.

Pillows filled with latex foam are of better quality than those filled with polyester. Washable and non-allergenic, latex foam pillows are made from a form of liquid rubber and are more germ-resistant and resist mold mildew and dust mites better than most other pillow types. The latex foam is firm and springy and many people love sleeping on these pillows.

After You’ve Decided On Your Pillow’s Filling

Once you’ve decided on the filling that best suits you, it’s now time to focus on shapes and sizes. Extra-large continental pillows are great for sitting up in bed, but not as comfortable to sleep on because of their large size. This is why you’re better off choosing several standard-size pillows that you can arrange, providing adequate shoulder and neck support. People who suffer from back pain need to keep their skeletons in a straight line when they sleep. It’s best to have a pillow under their legs and a few or none at their heads. Butterfly-shaped pillows work best for people who suffer from neck pain. The pillow’s narrow center is quite helpful.

When you shop for pillows you should test them out just like you would when you shop for a mattress. Wear comfortable, loose clothing and put the pillow on a mattress, and lie down for a few minutes. If you can’t get comfortable, try a different pillow until you find one that is. Many wise shoppers buy one pillow at a time, testing as they go, saving themselves time and money in the long run.

In The End

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