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How to Choose Latex Layers. The Basics

October 31, 2011
Green Livingwaterbeds

So how to choose what layer is going to work for you and your mattress as we’ve said already our most model the Serenity is built with three layers but we also have the model called the Tranquility which is built with two layers the most common choice that probably was always recommended as best is to have a firm layer of latex as your base, most of the time its kind of a default choice I suggest firm Dunlop as a base layer, sometimes if a person is so sensitive to the feel of the full depth of the bed you may almost think of yourself as a prince or a princess in the pea sometimes for someone like that medium Dunlop makes a good base layer, the higher the density the more durable and this is going to be the layer that is bearing the most weight and being pressed against your foundation the real art is in deciding the top layer for surface cushioning and then figuring out what level of support you need in the center that’s really key for your back health.

The next layer to choose depends on what it is your body needs for example if you need really good support and you are a body type that is maybe under 165 pounds then choosing medium Dunlop is an excellent choice because it has less density than the firm Dunlop below so offer better pressure relief on the top but it is still relatively solid and will still give support. Now depending on your body mass and what your body needs you may require something that gives significantly more support so you need really excellent support and you maybe weigh 180 or more you may want to go with a firm, firm medium this is generally the firmest configuration. Now one of the main thing you want to address is pressure relief, do you sleep on your side, are your shoulders sore, your hips are sore, you wake up with a little bit of numbness or shakiness in your shoulder or hip then you may want to go to the little bit of softer side of things, so in general you will have a firm layer on the bottom is always a good choice then depending on body choice a soft layer of Dunlop in the middle would be the way to go, you could do a firm with two softs in Dunlop this would still feel relatively solid and supportive unless you were over 200 pounds then this would probably feel not supportive enough. If you need pressure relief that’s a little bit more acute I would mix this combination and put a Talalay piece on the top will contour to your body better than Dunlop will. With different types of weight, sleeping preferences, and back issues or other concerns we can adjust it to really suit your body because each one is customized for each person, that also goes for each couple we will make each side personal for each person who’s going to sleep on it.