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Changing the Water in a Waterbed, Should I?

January 26, 2009
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Will a waterbed start to stink?

Changing the Water in a Waterbed, Should I do it? What kind of maintenence is necessary when it comes to caring for the water in a waterbed or can I just leave it alone?  Contrary to belief you do not have to change the water in a waterbed as part of a regular maintenance schedule that includes adding Waterbed Contioner.

Changing the Water in a Waterbed, Should I? Treat Your Waterbed With Conditioner To Prevent Issues. Click Photo

In over 23 years I have never heard of one associated health problem while sleeping on an untreated water bed.  In fact as long as you maintain your bed properly, you may never have to change the water. The only reason for draining a waterbed or changing the water is for the one real obvious reason, how will you move it if you don’t?  Honestly, short of 2 men and a tow truck you won’t, so draining to move one is necessary.

Is draining a water bed necessary for proper care?

Actually when owning a waterbed there really isn’t much that goes into caring for one. The regular maintenance required includes occasionally burping the air out of the waterbed mattress and adding waterbed conditioner / treatment through annual or semi annual dosing cycles. This should eliminate algae and bacteria that lead to stagnant water and a waterbed mattress that smells. The smell can ruin any waterbed mattress by permeating the vinyl.

What is the worse thing that can happen if I haven’t cared for my waterbed?

Worst case scenario is your mattress will get a horrible smell that may not be abe to be removed. What you can do if a smell is already occuring is that you will need to take the water out of your bed using a drain and fill kit  or electric pump. Purchase a bottle of waterbed shock treatment and follow the directions. Quite honestly this may or may not work. Our suggestion is the old saying the best cure is good prevention. This should come in the form of regular waterbed care so follow waterbed care instructions for your bed and changing the water in yours should not be necessary.