Casper Mattresses: Are They Right For You?

Casper Mattresses: Are They Right For You?

March 19, 2016

The Fast Food Mattress

All you need to know about the casper mattresses. You probably never dreamed of pulling up to a drive through window and ordering your mattress, but today it’s becoming that simple. Your enormously awkward and heavy mattress could be flattened like a Panini Sandwich purposefully. That’s right we can sandwich layers of gel memory foam, high density foam, hypoallergenic latex, and even coils springs between fancy fabrics like organic cotton and then ship it anywhere in the world.  WOW, compacted mattresses in a box, they’re easy and affordable, and highly rated by Consumer Reports, but are they the right sleep system for you?

Why Flatten A Mattress?

This new rolled up condensed packaging technology allows a sleeping system to be safely compressed. The completely compacted mattress and its innards are rolled up and packaged in a way that not only protects the mattress from damage, but reduces the outrageous shipping and delivery costs associated with getting mattress sets from point A to point B. This is the key factor because of growth of online purchasing where products won’t be shipped to a retailer by the truckload in bulk, rather they will be shipped onesie-twosie directly to mattress buyers like you. 

This densified shipping process saves space by shrinking mattresses down to a fraction of their original size which saves manufacturers a tremendous amount of overhead/money. Remember what lowers their costs and saves them, ultimately saving you money.

Players In The Boxed Mattress Genera Include:

  • Bed In A Box
  • Casper
  • Leesa
  • Ghost Bed
  • Purple Bed
  • Yogabed

A Better Idea Of Build It Simple?

All of these companies believe if you build what people want then they will come. These bed builders all seem to have one thing in common; a straight forward, uncomplicated, easy way to buy your next mattress. They sell the sizzle of simplicity with lots of popular options like 1 size fits all / most for simplified shopping (some offer a couple more choices), low cost, and sleep cool technology.

The Manhattan-based startup “Casper” has led the way with 55 Million in Series B in its 1st year and nearly 2 million in its first month  after launching. Others have duplicated the one mattress fits most marketing strategy which has grown this unique industry segment. Ratings have been positive across the web and most notably and recently with several companies making Consumer Reports recommendations.

We Need A Bigger Menu

Burger joints offer more than one burger choice. A majority of these restaurants even offer chicken and other great choices to feed our diversity of tastes.  If you purchase one size fits all shirts then these mattresses are for you. For the majority of us, we want an expanded menu. I think it’s safe to say that we have all purchased one of those  tailored to fit everyone pieces of clothing, how did it fit? Why embrace 1 particular philosophy and perspective when the world of mattresses offers something for everyone?

Tips You Need To Know

Since the Casper is geared for online shopping brick an mortar stores what few exist nationwide are nowhere near most of you.

Most compressed  box brands do offer long return trial periods, but have you have tried returned a mattress? They are big and bulky and no longer fit in the original box is came shipped in.

Casper has been in business since 2014 and many of their clone competitors even less.

While most such mattresses have been tested in a controlled environment, history have shown these tests can be inaccurate. Marketing teams have been guilty of using these tests to substitute real world longevity and nightly usage.

Company claims that the Casper Mattress is perfect for everyone while sharing universal comfort needs. While it is made for anyone and everyone it will not be comfortable or support everyone like a mattress you can go into a store and try and compare to others. After all most mattress stores have 50 or beds to choose from. Why? Because people want what fits and feels best to them.

Only time will tell- Warranty replacement may not be there when you need it. Company has not shown staying power to be available in the future. Processing warranty claims and providing customer service down the road is easy to offer, but being there and being in business to follow up with those offerings is a real risk for consumers considering the competitiveness of the mattress industry.

Claims of being too firm- While many of their reviews were positive they are no substitute what the important details you need to know to make an educated and informed mattress selection. The Mattress Underground says it best to consider the 3 P’s PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences). Since we are discussing reviews, the overall bulk of the complaints for Casper were that it was to firm on web review sites like and Sleep Like The,  and others.

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