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The Can’t Flip Mattress

A Mattress You Cannot Flip?

You were not asked, you were not given a choice, and you were told after all that most people don’t flip their mattresses anyway.  You were never asked your opinion; they just took the two sided mattresses away, and gave you what many call an inferior product. A customer once said to me that the “No Flip Mattress should be called the Can’t Flip Mattress” after having replaced three in just as many years and having loved the name the “Can’t Flip Mattresses”  I have used borrowed it every since.

Two Sided Mattresses Going Extinct?

While two may not yet be extinct they’re not in every mattress showroom and while they can be found here and there, it is rare to find them making their way into to your homes’ bedrooms. Once the primary way mattresses were made, today flippable mattresses are all but a memory. We thought we’d share a short list of companies that still build two sided mattresses. Although their retail distribution and selection is often very limited contacting one of these mattress manufacturers will get you heading the right direction.

  • King Koil
  • Symbol Mattress
  • Corsicana
  • Englander
  • Serta
  • Campbell Mattress
  • The Original Mattress Factory
  • Eclipse-Therapedic
  • Fox Mattress
  • Shifman

The Truth About Why Can’t You Flip New Mattresses?

The industry says you won’t turn the mattress over anyway, they say the beds are improved, and they believe one sided mattresses are safer but is all of this true? Only you can answer the first question but wouldn’t you at least like to have the option?

Quality One Sided Beds Really?

This seems like a stretch for many to call one sided mattresses better than their predecessors but why? The fact is foam encased mattress perimeters have replaced high quality heavy gauge steel border rods and in some cases heavier gauge steel wire coil springs. Something else that seems to have gone the way of the Doo Doo Bird is heavy duty insulation. Insulation is used to protect padding from the coil chaffing and foam shredding and most importantly to stop foam and other padding from sagging into coils springs.

Marketing, it’s all about the marketing. Today mattresses are thicker and more impressive visually, but the coil heights are still basically the same 6 inches they have always been with few exceptions. Let’s face it, piling up layer upon layer of foam till you have a mattress that is 12 inches an in many cases taller not only makes it hard to find sheets to fit but it is a recipe for body impressions, all you need to do is add the body.

Mattresses Have Gone On A Diet?

While many of us could afford to lose a few pounds that is something we cannot afford for our mattresses to do. While giving up pounds in a mattress may seem like a good thing for those that have problems flipping or may not be able to turn a mattress over the new diet one sided mattresses have gone on means losing steel one of the strongest building materials in the world. Mattress builders have opted to replace quality steel with cheaper polyurethane foam and since we’re talking about foam it’s important to note that mattress companies have compromised the quality of the foam used in your mattress by injecting more air making the foam less dense, weaker, more light weight and oh yeah cheaper.

Mattresses Meet Federal Fire Laws For Safety

While it is true they may pass burn tests can we survive the chemicals that are often being used to help meet the new federal safety requirements it is a very debatable decide for yourself in an article we wrote a while back called Afraid of your mattress?

So Is The Can’t Flip Mattress A Must Buy?

While no mattress is perfect including the two sided variety we think the Can’t Flip Mattress could stand to beef up and bulk up. Lets face it giving up just  one of the above mention constructional features is a more than enough to significantly compromise mattress quality and many have all but abandoned these quality building techniques. As you can see the fact is most all of these things are now part of today’s “Can’t Flip Mattress”

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