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Can You Take Control Of Your Sleep By Forgetting About Wall Street?

October 13, 2008
Healthy Sleep

I read an interesting article on Web MD about this very topic and realized that maybe I am a victim of Wall Street. Like many of you, maybe I am not sleeping well because of the state of my personal economy. Do big news organizations like MSNBC, Fox, CNN think that negative views concerning Americans are entertaining? What happened to no news is good news? Maybe they think without sensationalism TV would be boring right?

Samples Of News That Keeps Me Awake At Night:

  • The news organization reports that banks may start restricting loans.

How am I going to finish my bathroom or buy a new truck next year? After all, my construction project is incomplete and my old truck is getting closer to 100,000 miles every day. What if I want to expand my business to help grow the economy?

  • Reports say American jobs are going overseas to foreign countries where cheap labor is abundant.

How does that help support my small furniture and mattress business and my family? If folk’s don’t have good-paying jobs how can they afford to buy my products?

  • TV news organizations say in recent days that my personal portfolio has declined drastically in value.

They add that the government wants to take money out of my pocket to pay for it. Examples: the Dow drops 777 points and our government wants to approve 700 billion dollars of our money to bail out Wall Street.

  • News organizations would rather ask about mudslinging than ask the tough questions of the 2 presidential candidates.

I am not sure how much character a politician really has anymore republican or democrat. My guess is they slept with the enemy or made a deal with the devil to get where they got, so in my eyes, it’s a wash. They both think the best solution is to spend more money. If our personal finances were run like the government you and I would be digging for pennies in the sofa or panhandling somewhere.

  • Negative publicity breeds’ uncertainty and uncertainty leads to poor retail performance.

4 competing companies have gone out of business locally. Oddly enough in the community where my business resides, there is abundant vacant real estate for sale or lease, yet developers keep on building more storefronts.

Above you have read a few of my constant worries, which I might add have increased my daily stress level. Is such steady and consistent negative news going to affect and contribute to a good night of soothing and relaxed sleep? Yes, it does. What can I do about it?

The Web MD website suggests “turning off the media noise with the lights at night.” I have to agree that turning off the TV and forgetting about Wall Street is a great start. I too think a warm bath and Swedish massage are great ways to relax. However, once I have done all of that where am I left? That’s right; in bed eyes wide open on an old, unsupportive, uncomfortable mattress. After mentioning all the great suggestions for relaxation they managed to leave out the most important. I can tell you like a mattress store manager that Web MD whether intentional or accidental in 2 different blogs overlooked, underestimated, or undervalued the importance of reducing stress with a first-rate mattress. I hope you don’t make the same mistake.