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Can you Buy Mattresses and Furniture Direct And Really Save Money?

December 1, 2008
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Can you Buy Mattresses and Furniture Directly And Really Save Money? Seriously does anyone believe that buying a mattress or furniture on the weekend from an outlet store or buying direct is going to save him or her money? This series of blogs may change your mind and if they do not, well then I have a bridge to nowhere in Alaska to sell you.

The only question you need to ask is direct from whom? Customers are often confused and buy into this controversial way of marketing mattresses and furniture. Customers really don’t know if they are directly buying from the manufacturer, a distributor, or the retail store. Are you only saving monopoly money and if so how can you protect yourself and know that you are not being mislead?
Here is the facts, if you buy from someone aren’t you buying it direct? It is often just a play on words, so how do you know if you really purchasing from the manufacturer that builds the furniture or in fact makes the mattresses? It is pretty simple if you are buying direct from the manufacturer your at the place they are building it. Mattress or furniture retail stores are middlemen or distributors of the goods. They buy direct from the factory and sell to furniture and mattress retail stores and the general public as authorized even contracted dealers. These stores can be found in any shopping mall, busy commercially zoned area, or industrial complex so don’t be fooled by warehouse looking locations.

Think about this, if selling direct to the public were so simple Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler would own all of the car lots and have direct to the public sales all the time. So explain these claims of buying furniture and mattresses direct from the manufacturer? It is true retail stores or distribution stores buy direct from the manufacturer, however the general public typically cannot. There are very rare cases where consumers can purchase their goods from the factories. There is only one other example I can think of where the general public can buy from the factory so called directly and that is through their own factory owned stores, which are rare. Even more unusual would be a factory owned store undercutting or undermining their own authorized mattress and furniture stores. This is often a claim  when they say they won’t be undersold because they cut out the middleman to save you money. Really we say?

It is my opinion that retail stores want to lead you to believe through their advertising that you to can also directly buy mattresses and furniture from the factory for the same price they the retail and distribution stores are buying it for. Again if you believe that ironically I have another bridge to sell you that stretches from California to Hawaii.
The truth is factories deal in large volume selling and are not structured to sell one, two, or three pieces at a time. So don’t think for a second that they are about to bite the hand that feeds them by undercutting their own authorized or even contracted mattress and furniture stores. Factories hire sales representatives who call on retail mattress and furniture stores to distribute their goods.

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