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Can I Recycle My Hardside Waterbed?

February 4, 2008
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Waterbed owners if you have asked the question Can I Recycle My Hardside Waterbed?We have some great news – there is an answer; something we can do to save the environment and salvage that old wood framed waterbed and stop it from ending up in a local landfill.

Can I Recycle My Hardside Waterbed?

Before you throw away that old mattress bladder and the waterbed headboard, frame, and drawer pedestal put the lid back on the trashcan and walk inside? Why you say? Salvage that old waterbed and give it a new life with a regular coil spring mattress.

Can I Recycle My Hardside Waterbed?

Previously a person’s only option was to put in a new free flow or baffled bladder and fill it with water. Nowadays there are numerous choices of conventional innerspring mattresses that are custom sized to fit a hardside waterbed frame so it won’t have to be trashed. There are several options such as memory foam, latex, and air mattresses all of which can be specially designed to fit the California King, Queen, and Super Single waterbed.

People who choose the environmentally friendly recycling method for the hardside waterbed would only need to dispose of the heater and bladder, while keeping the protective liner, headboard, water bed frame, and drawer pedestal. You most likely would be able to continue using the water bed sheets, comforter and mattress pad since the mattress size wouldn’t be changing, making recycling through reuse is a environmentally sound and smart idea.

Most companies can build a replacement innerspring mattress that will properly fit within a wood waterbed frame you currently own. Some stores will stock them so you may not have to wait, so be sure to check with your local mattress or waterbed dealer for availability.

Available Sizes For Waterbed Replacement Coil Spring Mattresses

Sizes of custom fit mattresses to go inside these wood frame waterbeds best are:
California King that measures 70 x 82
California Queen 58 x 82
Super Single 46 x 82

These are custom and are commonly the sizes for a waterbed mattress insert. The custom size makes for a custom fit that allows a person to be able to do the simple things like get their hand between the frame and the mattress to make the bed. The extra inch all the way around leaves just enough space to tuck in mattress pads, waterbed sheets, and comforters for the people who actually make their beds before leaving for work.

Using a boxspring is not necessary with a waterbed insert the mattress fills out the frame properly and usually will not stick up in front of the headboard enough to block it. Not only that but waterbed insert or drop in mattresses are easier to get in and out of and do not have to be flipped, only rotated regularly end to end. Be sure to follow your mattress instructions.

Often the question is asked if regular king or queen spring mattresses fit a waterbed frame? No and Yes. The king size conventional mattresses are too big to fit. These regular king size mattresses measure 76 X 80. Conventional queen mattresses will fit but not very well they measure 60 x 80 leaving a 4 inch space on the end and no room to make up the bed along the sides.

A specially sized mattress to fit down inside the waterbed frame is a great idea and replaces the conventional water filled mattress and saves the environment, so why not look at the idea of recycling you’re old flotation waterbed? It will eliminate the need to buy a new headboard and frame and all the new bed linens that go along with a different bed. This new alternative will save you hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars and is a clear-cut advantage to throwing them away.

Still not convinced? Here are 3 ways to use the old water bed head board.