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What Prompted You To Buy A New Mattress?

January 5, 2013
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26 years and thousands of customers later we have we’ve learned some amazing things about mattress buying habits that we thought new buyers might find helpful. So we looked at what prompted people to buy a new mattress and triggered them to make the decision of getting rid of the old one.

10 Reasons People Are Prompted to Buy A New Mattress

  1. Worn out and old: There is no doubt that many people keep their beds far too long. While everybody’s definition of what old or worn means it is without a doubt is the most common reason. We believe in most cases 10 years should be considered the limit. Obvious sagging and soiling are additional telltale signs that it’s time for a new mattress.
  2. Way too firm or way too soft: This is often a result of consumers or sales people that did not focus on the task of choosing the correct mattress. Shoppers need to take time selecting their next mattress. Finding the right firmness is not always easy but it does offer assurance of avoiding a mattress that is way too hard. Just like too firm can be an issue and while you can add toppers and other things to a firm bed to soften it, making a soft be harder is nearly impossible. Pain and discomfort often are a result of a mattress that doesn’t give enough support. This is due to spongy unsupportive or worn building materials and padding.
  3. Back Pain: many people suffer from back pain. This pain is usually due to personal injury from an accident or even just ordinary discomfort: Our comfort and support needs can change gradually, abruptly, or for a whole host of health reasons.
  4. Divorce or break up: People say they don’t want to be reminded of the past relationship after a break up or if a divorce has taken place due the intimacy and personal memories that were shared in bed. For these reasons many people choose to get rid of the old mattress and purchase a new one.
  5. New relationship: New couples typically bring fresh ideas to the relationship and are driven by instinct to find a mattress for a number of reasons which are covered in this list.  The most common is that with new love comes the idea of wanting to appease their new partner which could be anything from comfort, firmness, even to increase sleeping space.
  6. Pregnancy: The changes that take place when having a baby is a common trigger for buying a new mattress. Space, comfort,  and even a more natural healthy sleep environment are just 3 of the reasons pregnant moms choose to buy a new mattress.
  7. Moving into a new place: Moving a mattress is never fun. Add in that size may be wrong and that most mattresses have exceeded their useful life and should have been replaced years ago, many people are prompted to buy a new one.
  8. Ruined Mattress: This one is pretty self-describing.  The unfortunate happens fires, floods , pets you name it, mattresses can be ruined.
  9. Won’t fit the bedroom: Size does matter and if a mattress is too big or too small square footage in a bedroom plays a part in the decision that prompts people to downsize a mattress or upgrade to something bigger.
  10. Choosing natural healthier home products: Because more natural foods and healthier living now plays a part in so many people’s lives these people are now looking for natural bedding options that are produced with no toxic chemicals and sustainable natural building materials like, organic cotton, organic wool, and even natural rubber.