Free Flow Mattress Best Bang For The Buck

Free Flow Mattress Best Bang For The Buck

July 17, 2013
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These fun waterbed mattresses go by many names free flow, free flowing, full wave, even full motion mattresses. For its time it was the most innovative sleep product to hit the retail mattress market. For young and old hippies even waterbed purists like me who no longer have enough hair for a pony tail and no longer have their tie dyed shirts there is nothing else like them. Wavy waterbed owners from way back loved their gentle waves, head to toe support, and their soothing temperature controlled comfort.

Free Flow Mattress For Waterbed

Free Flow Waterbed Mattresses Are The Best Value

Some of my readers would simply get sick at the thought of watching a free flow move and wouldn’t even consider the idea of spending one night or night after night. Today’s solution for land lovers is about reducing wave motion with a wave reduced baffled type of mattress. Some models have no waves at all and actually move less than regular mattresses. After test resting an ultra or super waveless mattress those land lovers who might not otherwise be able to get their sea legs will be surprised by their feel and their lack of motion. Some are so impressed they say they could easily get use to such comfort and support.

The truth is the free flow is the best bang for your dollar and is “the” original fluid mattress that started the entire waterbed revolution and it quite frankly changed the way most everyone sleeps today. It was the single biggest reason regular mattress company’s started building softer feeling beds with plush and pillow tops a popular trend that still continues today. In the beginning they just sat on a floor, with no wood frame and no heater. It was and is more than just a 1970’s novelty, it’s a great mattress and the people that love them…well they love them. The fact is what other mattress can you buy for less than 100.00 sleep on it every night and it last for 7-8 years or more?

Today most of the free flowing water mattresses are being purchased by parents and being slept on by their kiddos. Their tough, their fun, and the kids love them. Mom and dads love their inexpensive prices. I can remember when I was just a kid my sister and I both had hardside waterbeds and when we would invite our friends over to stay everyone like them. They were a lot of fun to show off and all of our friends really seemed liked the way the beds felt. The best part for my sister and I, when the parents had guests who came to stay they wanted nothing to do with our beds 😉

Where can I get the best free flow mattress for my waterbed?

On line, Your local waterbed or furniture store, Click now to shop STL Beds Free Flow Mattresses

Detailed measurements / sizes for a free flow waterbed mattress
Super Single Waterbed Frame
Cavity Measures 48 wide X 84 long
California Queen Waterbed Frame
Cavity Measures 60 wide X 84 long
California King Waterbed Frame
Cavity Measures 72 wide X 84 long
Warranty Included on new waterbed mattresses

The normal warranty is 1-5 year full replacement depending on the brand. Pro-rated warranties usually go out as far as 10 years offering consumers savings for a brand new mattress for a lower cost if out of full warranty.