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Bed Frame Rails With Center Support in Twin Size

Some adult beds, kid’s beds, even beds for teenagers all have something in common; they are available in twin / single size. No big deal right? Go out and try to find bed frame rails with a center support for a twin size bed and a common response you will hear is “we can’t get them, they don’t make those, or worse yet some stores will tell you the extra support isn’t necessary. Our suggestion don’t take no for an answer because this type of bed frame does exist and while the cost may be just a little bit more, the few dollars extra will more than justify themselves. It does this by preventing bed damage and improving overall bed safety because of the additional support they provide.

How are these rails different from other twin frames?

Bed Frame Rails With Center Support in Twin SizeWhile there are many free standing or stand-alone twin bed frames with center support most of these are equipped to either bolt up to a headboard or bolt up to both a head and footboard. Single or twin size rails as they are often called require both a headboard and footboard to work.  Some models like the WSilver F71001 kick up the support a few notches by adding a brace with feet across the middle to resist premature sagging of the box spring and mattress a real plus that can protect your mattress set and bed investment.

What makes twin rails with center support better than other rail types?

Because this rail system can do it all on the cheap, it works for adults because let’s be frank about it, we weight more than kids and it relieves the extra pressure exerted on the connections at the head and foot which can often crack or split out. This makes repair nearly impossible and cost to do so in most cases out of the question. Secondly teens are often of adult size and weight making this cheap upgrade a no brainer. Finally little kids while often little can exert more pressure on single bed rails because they wrestle, horse play, and yes jump on beds that again can cause ordinary rails to bend or fail or worse crack or split out the hook in connection at the foot or head end in the wood legs of the bed. What makes them better is the fact all of the mattress, boxspring and body weight are not being applied to the slots and pins in the legs of the bed.  The center support bar acts like a brace keeping the rails from bending and the boxspring from sagging. The bar in the case of WSilver’s F71001 has feet that are adjustable and fit many common heights. The center beam brace also keeps the side rails from widening or spreading out which is usually the first indication that the bed rails are about to fail if you’re lucky enough to get such notice.

Where to buy Bed Frame Rails Center Support For Twin Size?

On line- furniture and mattress stores locally

Are these rails hard to install?

No they are very easy to put together and only a few pieces.

Step 1 Hook in 1 side rail to headboard and then the footboard

Step 2 Hook in the other side rail to the headboard only

Step 3 Attach feet to center support bar and attach to left side and then right side

Step 4 Fasten in the last down hook into the slot on the foot board

Step 5 Make final adjustments to feet and add boxspring and mattress

These are general instructions for the WSilver F71001 bed frame and does have important details and tips deleted. Please see instructions for complete installation procedures.