The Bed Crumbs That Keep You Awake

Crumbs In Bed That Keep You Awake

March 17, 2011
Healthy Sleep

What are the crumbs in bed that keep you awake at night?

Was it mom or was it grandma that said, “There will be absolutely, positively no eating in bed”? Whoever said it was definitely on to something. There are few things that are more annoying than those tiny little morsels and crumbs from our favorite late-night eats in bed? While many people believe that the crumbs leftover in the butter bowl are the worst those annoying mattress crumbs that both literally and figuratively may actually top it.

7 Mattress Crumbs that Act as Sleep Thieves

  1. Keep your bed and bedroom clean Simple things include keeping the mattress spotless and free of dirt from the pets’ paws, the crumbs of our late-night snacks, or any other foreign objects that may make their way between the sheets.  Additionally, a messy bedroom can result in a  cluttered mind and can lead to unrest. Pick things up, gather, and remove them making the room in ship shape. It’s believed that an untidy bedroom can be associated with sleeplessness due to disorganization or even unfinished work-related projects, whereas the room should actually be linked with sleep and intimacy.
  2. Glow in the dark bedrooms! This one always makes me think of the Seinfeld episode where the big neon sign from the Kenny Rogers’ Fried Chicken Restaurant opens and as a result illuminates Kramers’ apartment which keeps him awake. The lesson here is to block out light by turning off computer monitors, TV sets, and block outside brightness. Another helpful tip; purchase an alarm clock that isn’t too bright or that has a dimming feature.
  3. Obsessing over life One of my personal crumbs is the stress of running the family business and not allowing my mind to relax. A person needs special time to problem solve. For example jot down your urgent concerns along with possible solution ideas to solve the problem several hours before bedtime. The controlled stimulus also steers you clear from associating your bed with concerns and anxiety.
  4. Your bed buddy snores Ask your snoring partner to sleep on his or her side instead of their back. Also, a person who snores can seek medical attention so both sleepers to get proper and rejuvenating sleep.
  5. You Sleep Tight With Dust Mites Mild to very severe allergies can be triggered by the residue they leave behind. Use bed linens that block dust mites and clean your bedding frequently. Also, be sure to clean your mattress often, and if needed even consider replacing the old nest. Increase the rooms’ airflow by cracking windows or the bedroom door.
  6. The pet problem Truth is more than half the cat and dog owners including myself have admitted that their “kids” disrupted their sleep. Consider a crate next to your bed. Dogs like to sleep in a protected safe space. Cat owners don’t forget unlike us these little cuties are nocturnal. Lock them out of the bedroom and purchase special nighttime-only toys that can be hidden during the daytime. Consider double-sided tape on the bottom edge of doors to deter scratching; cats dislike the stickiness.
  7. You over doze on Weekends As tempting as it might be a late-night followed by extra snooze time the following morning throws off our internal clock. Even if you’ve been up late, don’t sleep in more than an hour longer than usual, Epstein says. To make up for lost slumber, take an afternoon catnap (no more than 30 minutes, though, because an extended daytime snooze can keep you awake at night).

Tell us about the trail of bed crumbs that rob you of sleep and keep you awake at night?