Back To School Mattress Sales

Back to School Mattress Sales

August 18, 2014
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Back To College Or Back To School Mattress Sales Have Begun

Bedroom furniture and mattress retailers know the time of year is upon us when everyone is preparing to return to school and hit the books. Whether you are getting ready to head off to your first year of college or it’s your little ones very first year of school your child’s sleep is vital. Sleep is one of the most important factors in a student’s health, focus, and overall growth. If you’re shopping for back to school mattress sales see what makes STL Beds different.

Back To School Mattress Sales

While other stores yell “sale sale sale” in loud expensive TV commercials giving away monopoly money for savings, STL Beds offers you the very best quality mattresses, for the lowest prices, and their beds sleep great. But, Would you know a great back to school mattress sale if you saw one? If you are like most shoppers you know very little about beds because you don’t do this every day. NOTE: The mattress industry is notorious for its trickery like “ The Mattress Industry Name Game ” and deceptive advertising touting huge savings and a long mattress warranty.

A Big Mistake Mattress Shoppers Make,  Are You Making It?

If I could put my finger on one of the biggest mistake bed shoppers make during the mattress buying process, one mistake stands out among the rest. The mistake is purchasing based on maximum savings. What? That’s right consumers buy mattresses based on the amount of money that they are able to save vs. how many mattresses they are getting for that money. That’s right we focus on the dollar signs. The belief is that the more we’re told we’re saving the better deal we seem to think we’re getting. In reality, we should be focusing on what we are getting for that dollar and then comparing like mattress models. (Apples to apple)s. Mattresses that have similar, like, or exact construction should be compared by their specifications and build, then and only then can a shopper accurately compare mattress prices.

Example: Comparing 2 Mattresses for Back To School Sales

Hypothetical comparison of 2 similar beds:

Store A                                         Store B

King Koil                                         Serta
Full-Size                                         Full Size
416 coils                                         416 coils
13 gauge  thickness                    13 gauge thickness
3 layers 1″ foam                           3 layers 1″ foam
Foam Densities Same                Foam Densities Same
(EDLP) $399.00                          Regular Price $799.00
(EDLP) $399.00                          Back To School Sale    $429.00

While these are obviously not from the same company they are definitely comparable mattresses. Store A is selling their King Koil (EDLP) Everyday Low Price for $399.00 While the other is claiming theirs is regularly $799.00 and during the big sale. The reality is you are overpaying by $30.00 at store B who is claiming to save you $370.00.

These marketing practices are common. Such practices put all of the emphasis on the monies saved vs. quality or product received for those monies.  Why put the money in the pockets of retailers and manufactures when with a little savvy shopping you can come out on top, save money, get a great product and a great deal.

Examples of Everyday Low Mattress Pricing Below:

Belmont Euro Top Mattress

  • Twin Mattress $151.00
  • Full Mattress $181.00
  • Queen Mattress $212.00

Bellview Plush Mattress

  • Twin Mattress $281.00
  • Full Mattress $371.00
  • Queen Mattress $412.00
  • King Mattress $531.00

Bellview Firm Mattress

  •  Twin Mattress $281.00
  • Full Mattress $371.00
  • Queen Mattress $412.00
  • King Mattress $531.00

Florence Plush Mattress

  • Twin Mattress $211.00
  • Full Mattress $271.00
  • Queen Mattress $312.00
  • King Mattress $411.00

You can see these every day low priced beds by simply clicking on their names for more details. Tell us some of your shopping experiences that you were less than thrilled about.

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