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Are Memory Foam Mattresses Helpful Good for Back Pain?

August 27, 2009
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Are memory foam mattresses good for back pain?

Opinions vary greatly; while some attest that their lifetime of backache and pain has disappeared literally overnight after sleeping on memory foam, others feel the mattresses are the source of all their troubles and they don’t hold up. As usual today’s question does not have a one size fits all answer, but we will attempt to tell both sides of the story the best we can. While many believe the state of the art memory foam mattresses are the key to all their back ache woes others claim it to be the nightmare come to life and the reason for their back woes.

So how could so many people have differing opinions about the same mattress? These are the simple things that are to often over looked. Let’s face it we are not all built the same. We do not all have the same body type, shape, height, and of course weight. Because of this a number of us may prefer to sleep a little warmer while others would favor a mattress that sleeps a little cooler. With that said many memory foam mattresses have not only addressed heat issues but have fixed the problem. It’s up to the consumer and the sales person to determine what mattress might work best for a person’s needs.

Size and weight can also be factors in repositioning throughout the night. While memory foam is most noted for its incredible pressure point relief it can also be hard for some to turn over when it comes time to reposition through out the night. Due to the quicksand nature that comes along with owning a memory foam bed what comes easy for some people can be an all out struggle for others.

A number of people could have problems just because of the way they sleep. That’s right some people sleep on their backs, while others prefer to sleep on their sides, or stomachs. Sleep positions could be one reason for our discomfort. Certain densities of memory foam and particular ILD or IFD may favor one sleep position over another, that why it is crucial to find the correct mattress for you.

So do I think memory foam commercials are just a bunch of sales hype just suckering us in or do I think that memory foam mattresses can help us lose the back pain? Well sure I believe that commercials are marketing and at time over exaggerate the actual benefits, however memory foam beds really are some of the latest and greatest mattress technology something that the bedding industry greatly needed. In the bigger picture I don’t believe mattresses fix backs they can assist, give you good support and make you comfortable. For a bad back go to a chiropractor and/or back specialist and stay healthy by following their instructions.