Aging Parent Is Having Trouble Getting Out of Bed

Aging Parent Is Having Trouble Getting Out Of Bed

April 28, 2011
In the Bedroom

Question: Aging Parent Is Having Trouble Getting Out Of Bed…

Good Morning, My father is in an assisted living complex and enjoys being there very much. However, he is having trouble getting out of the bed, on his own, because the mattress causes him to “sink” somewhat, even though it provides him comfort while sleeping. He has to have 24 hours around-the-clock sitters and they can usually help him sit up, but with the old concept of plywood between the mattress and box spring being a bad idea, I was wondering what you recommended and if you carry the particular item he could use. His current mattress is firm, so I know it’s not that. He is just getting on in years (88) and things are harder to do.

I would appreciate your recommendations on this situation and look forward to hearing back from you. Email is the best method of contact.

Thank you very much,


Hi John,

The difficult issues and concerns of aging parents is a tough one. John mattresses that are firm and what I mean by the firm is firm core support and a firm surface feel don’t sink in as you have described. If the mattress is sinking so much that it affects his mobility perhaps then it is safe to say he may have the wrong mattress.  Personally, I would then question 2 things.  #1 the mattress is not “old school firm” as I described. #2 the simple activities as our parent’s age become problematic and he physically may not able to position himself correctly to do the simple things like getting out of bed. This may be due to things like weakness and lack of strength, less acute senses, and balance, etc.  I would suggest talking to his doctor and find out about assist tools like a trapeze, pivot transfer bar, or safety bed rails may provide the necessary support to assist seniors in the process of getting in and out of bed. A couple of other options to add to the list could be an adjustable bed or a hospital bed.

I’m not a put plywood between the mattress kind of guy this is usually an “old school thought” in the mattress biz. John, this is an extremely complicated issue and there are just too many questions and not enough information is given.  This is a complicated problem we prefer not to handle online or email because the details are important and maybe missed. It would be best that you call me toll-free at 888-785-2337 so we could discuss in greater detail his specific needs, budget, capabilities, type of bed he might need or want. As far as assistance tools we suggest speaking with his physician.