Advantage Of Egyptian Organic Cotton Sheets

October 29, 2010
Green LivingOrganic

Elite hotels all over the world know the advantages of having organic Egyptian cotton sheets on their beds to keep clients coming back.  These sheets provide not only a luxurious and distinct experience for their guests; they are also better for the environment.  These organic sheets are well worth another look for many different reasons.

Organic cotton is becoming very popular for many environmental reasons.

Only cotton that is grown without pesticides and other harsh chemicals can be considered an organic material.  Growers that raise organic cotton reduce the amount of chemicals that enter into the soil and also the local water table.  By not adding chemicals to the soil keeps the local vegetation safe for consumption by the local wildlife.  When chemicals are added to the soil and vegetation starts to grow in the contaminated soil, it can cause birth defects and diseases in many types of wildlife.  By keeping the soil free of chemicals helps to stop chemical residue from seeping into the local water sources, such as lakes, ponds, streams and rivers.  Contaminated water not only has detrimental effects on wildlife, it also effects the local human population too.  Growing organic cotton crops is beneficial to the surrounding environment and all creatures great and small that live there.

Allergies are on the rise among many individuals.

Vast majorities of people do not realize that the sheets that they sleep on every night can cause their allergies to flare up at bedtime.  The reason for this is because of the chemicals that are used in the growing process of the cotton that the sheets are made out of.  Organic cotton is toxin free and helps to reduce the amount of allergens that one is exposed to on a daily basis.  By not having to worry about allergies flaring up at bedtime, also helps to insure a more comfortable nights rest.

What makes organic Egyptian cotton fibers different from other cotton fibers is the length.

Organic Egyptian cotton fibers are longer then its more common counterpart.  By the fibers being longer, they also last longer and are more durable when woven into sheets.  With these types of sheets lasting longer, saves the consumer money in the long run.  Many of us have had to replace bed linens every so many years.  This is not so with organic Egyptian cotton sheets since they are more durable.  Since organic cotton is free from chemicals, the fibers also do not break as easy and do not become brittle, fray, or ball up and pill.  By having no toxic chemicals helps the linens to last longer too.

Organic Egyptian cotton sheets have high moisture absorption and are extremely breathable when compared to other types of fibers.  The surface of the linens feels smoother and cooler in the summer months or in warmer climates.  Those that suffer from skin conditions also prefer organic Egyptian cotton sheets because of the breathability next to the skin.

Are organic Egyptian cotton sheets expensive?

Purchasing a set of organic Egyptian cotton sheets will cost a little more then other types of bed linens.  These organic sheets will far outlast cheaper bed linens and will not have to be replaced after a few years.  By investing in higher quality sheets saves not only money in the long run, they help consumers to do something good for the environment every time they slip between these luxurious cotton sheets.