15 sleep facts you should know about your bedroom. Set a New Year Resolution.

A New Years Resolution St. Louis Can Keep

December 31, 2008
Green Living

I am sure many of you like myself have been thinking about how another year has just passed you by, and how you failed once again to keep last year’s New Years Resolution. I know I did it myself, as soon as boating season ended I got off the workout train. Not so surprising once again this year I have set a goal for myself to get back into water-skiing shape for the spring boating season. St. Louis needs a resolution they can keep this year and every year.

How many of you set goals of better health for yourself? How many of you swore to yourself a more healthful life that includes a better diet or if nothing else, the willpower to eat just a little better and cut out those late-night snacks?

How about making this year’s New Years Resolution one you can keep? Promise yourself a better year of sleep. You spend one-third of your life doing it and for most of us, it really isn’t that hard to do. Of course, some of us only get a few hours to sleep, so why not make those hours the best night of sleep you can get?

If you like most people your mattress has probably lost most of its support and isn’t all that comfortable anyway. I’ll bet you never thought about it like this, but just like an athlete that is starting training, you too will need the right equipment for better sleep. A new mattress is the best piece of equipment you can buy for a great night of relaxing comfortable sleep.

Nearly every doctor will tell you there is nothing more important than giving your body the rest it needs, and 7-9 hours of sleep is the way to get it. If this year’s goal includes diet and exercise, why not add a quality rest period for your body through better sleep on a new mattress set? You might even look at the idea of a healthier mattress choice, as an organic mattress. Whatever you choose to do getting a healthier, better quality night of sleep is one of the easiest resolutions you will ever set for yourself, and is the most attainable, so give it a try.

Have a Happy & Safe New Year from all of us at STLBeds!

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