8 Ways To Make A Dorm Room Bed Feel Like Home

8 Ways To Make a Dorm Room Bed Feel Like Home

January 14, 2020
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Going to college is supposed to be fun, but for most newcomers, the transition is not easy. It is the first time most of these young people live alone away from home, and it comes with a lot of stress and anxiety. Many first-year students struggle with anxiety due to the change of environment, among other issues. If you just joined college, there’s one easy way to overcome the transition challenge, and that’s by making your clutter-box bed feel like home. STL Beds wants to share some tips to make a dorm room bed feel like home.

By transforming your plain bed into a comfy sanctuary, you’ll enjoy sleeping better, and this will reduce the nostalgia. It might seem like an impossible challenge, but it is one of those exciting tasks whose effects will give you a sense of triumph and satisfaction.

This guide highlights several ways of turning your cookie-cutter quarters into a cozy home-like sanctuary. It all starts with your bed.

1. Define Comfort

You’ll soon learn in college that before starting any project, you need a concrete plan. You have to identify the objectives, and for your dorm bed transformation, it entails listing the comfort words you want to use in your room.

Are you after a luxurious look, vintage style, artistic touch, your home bedroom’s look, rock star feel, or spacious feel? Don’t limit yourself when it comes to your creativity. Once you define what you want out of bed, it becomes easier to build it using available resources.

2. Work On The Bed

Your bed and mattress are the most dominant feature in your room, and it plays a major role in the functionality and aesthetics of your room. This should be your priority when recreating the dorm space.

You can bring in a pillowcase, beddings, and blanket from home for that cozy feeling. It will make the transition easier as you will not have to get used to new and plain linen. A cozy bed ensures you sleep well, which is important for your health and in reducing stress.

You should also work on the bed itself with artistic ideas such as a fabric no-sew headboard or any other creative idea that brings that warm feeling of home.

3. Lighting Above The Bed

Dorm lighting is poor and plan, and this is one area you should prioritize. Your dorm is important for your studies, and lighting is also an important part of the décor. You should install several light sources, and here, let your creative juices flow.

Consider pendant lamps, rope lights, desk lamps, or any other lighting fixtures and techniques that bring back the feeling of home. A light timer is a great idea as it brings the memories of your bedroom back at home. The lighting is both functional and decorative, and you can transform your bland décor into a magnificent sanctuary.

4. Warm Up The Floor Beside The Bed

Your parents invested heavily in cozy flooring back at home, and this is a feature you want to replicate in your dorm. Buy comfortable floor rugs and mats and make sure they cover as much space as possible. There’s nothing better than walking on cool, soft rugs after running up and down campus studying and working.

5. Install Wall Décor Around The Bed

How great was your bedroom’s décor back home? Would you like to bring your dorm alive with the same style, or would you rather upgrade? Most first-year students carry over some elements of their bedroom’s décor to their dorms, and it is a smart idea to make their quarters feel like home.

Whether you had your favorite sports personality on the wall or a musician or any other elements, it is possible to recreate the same décor touch in your dorm. You can also add some family portraits to make beautiful wall art.

6. Comfy Seating Next To The Bed

While your room will mostly be spent sleeping, it is advisable to designate some space where you can chill and unwind. Here, you should install a comfy seat because you’ll need this space when life starts getting tougher as it will in college. You can buy such chairs and yard sales, consignment stores, and even online.

7. Add Your Signature Scent

One of the things you note on entering your new dorm room is the smell. It is not distinctive, and this will play on your mind amplifying the change of environment. As you start redecorating your room, you have to work on all sensory aspects, and that includes the smell.

Bring along your favorite scent or freshener to transport that feeling of home. It is one of the easiest tricks to recreate the feeling of home to your dorm room.

8. Add Life To The Dorm Room With Some Greenery

Most homes feature living plants, and this is a feature you can bring to your room with great effect. These plants not only freshen up your room but also enhance the décor. Some plants uplift your mood by boosting energy levels, and this comes handy in the stressful college environment.

Final Thoughts

Settling in college is tough, and many students struggle with this transition. You can make things easier on yourself by transforming your ordinary-looking dorm room bed to look and feel like home. It is the easiest way to settle in and avoid the stress that comes with the change of environment. A cozy bedroom serves as a sanctuary where you can retreat any time you feel tired and worn out. It happens a lot in college as the academics and work take their toll.

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Sarah Jenkins is an established décor writer working with Mypaperwriter.com. She has worked as a room decorator for over 26 years and is an authority in the décor industry.