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Luxe Bedroom Styling with 3 Antique Items

January 19, 2021
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The move to minimalism can sometimes cross the line into austerity. If you love the look of clean white walls and simple flooring but need a bit of luxury as well, consider adding unique antique pieces to different spaces in your home to create a luxe bedroom styling. These pieces can be simply for display, or you can use them for storage. Today we are talking about 3 antique items that will create a beautiful, luxe bedroom.

Which Room To Choose

Living room or bedroom? It is true that your living room will receive many more visits and compliments, but the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, since a good night’s sleep is vital for good health, good mood and good shape. There is a lot of DIY that you can do to make your luxe bedroom look more comfy, classic, and cozy enough to fall asleep the minute your head touches the pillow. But there are some fundamental accessories that you must include in your search for the perfect night of sleep. To begin, you need the perfect mattress

Luxe bedroom styling for a new mattress.

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Here is a shortlist of items that will help change and better the mood of any room in your house:

Functional Furniture

Many pieces of antique furniture can be repurposed into new spaces and put to new uses to enhance a beautiful luxe bedroom. For example, if you find a beautiful chest of drawers that you would love to feature in your home, consider turning it into a dining room buffet or sideboard from which to serve a brunch. You can protect the top with a custom cut piece of marble slab or glass over felt to protect the top of the piece and give you space for dishes. The drawers can serve as linen storage.

Many antique storage pieces are quite sturdy and offer a beautiful luxe bedroom styling. If you find an antique wardrobe that would look wonderful in your home, consider putting it to use as an entertainment center. Even better, you may get fortunate and find a chifforobe. This form of clothing storage featured hanging space in one half of the unit and drawers on the other side. A quality chifforobe will offer a great deal of storage, even if the drawers have been lost over time. When closed up, this piece could be an elegant addition of old wood that can be polished to a gorgeous shine in any room in your home. Open, it can hold clothing, games, books, or computer gaming gear.

Many older furniture pieces also offer the gift of clearance. If you’ve ever had to rescue your robot vacuum from under the sofa, you know what a gift it can be to have legs under a large piece of furniture. Housekeeping around antique furniture pieces can be a simple task.

Display Pieces

In many homes, the addition of a clock was considered to quite a step up in the world. If you were from a family of farmers, the sun gave you the information you needed. Often, owning a cuckoo clock or a mantel clock was a mark of moving up in the world.

Traditional Bavarian clocks include several features that show off their craftsmanship. The clock’s workings, including the cuckoo movement and other characters’ movement, indicate a finely tuned mechanism that has stood the test of time. There will also either be a winding or a weighted mechanism that will move the clock forward.

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Your clock’s fixed features will include the detailed painting on the clock’s metal face, often including floral patterns or carved numbers affixed to a wooden face. The case of your clock will often feature masterful carvings and adornments. You may find gold embossing or enamel features included in the shape and design of the exterior of your antique cuckoo clock.

Display pieces for luxe bedroom styling
Interior view of attic bedroom with dark wooden floor and white walls, antique French double bed

Private Luxury

Many antique furniture pieces are quite large. Consider putting them to new use in a new space to create a luxe bedroom styling. For example, if you find a great frame, invest in a large mirror, lean it up against the wall in your bedroom, and create a dressing area.

When hanging or leaning your mirror, consider adding rubberized doorstops to the bottom of the piece to avoid a slide or a crash that could damage the frame or break the glass. Another option is to hang short shelf brackets on the wall behind the mirror that will catch under the frame and hold it in place. Use a stud finder to set the brackets in the sturdiest hanging spot possible.

A large piece like a mirror, either against the wall or mounted, will allow you to decorate simply. Such a piece needs nothing around it or beside it; it functions well alone and does exactly what you need it to. To help keep a minimalist feel with large pieces, keep the rest of the space as simple as possible. For example, use a captain’s bed instead of adding a dresser to space. With careful closet management and a captain’s bed, your bedroom can contain just a bed and a mirror. These two pieces can serve all your storage needs, look clean and straightforward, and keep clutter down.

Your home design can include antiques without looking like a cluttered antique store. Look for unique pieces that you can use and display in a simple setting. Give your antiques some breathing room and some wall space so they can stand out. You might especially want to do this if you own a waterbed or are thinking about purchasing a new waterbed insert.

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