Consider This Foam Mattress When Buying A Mattress & Boxspring For The Spare Bedroom.

10 Questions To Consider Before Buying A Mattress & Boxspring For The Spare Bedroom

November 13, 2008
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Here Are 10 Questions TO Ask When Buying A Mattress & Boxingspring For Your Spare Bedroom

Remember that buying a mattress & boxspring for a guest bedroom can be very important. You never know when your parents will be visiting and we know how parents always end up with back problems. Also, you never know if you might decide to host an Airbnb or something like that in the future.

1. What kind of mattress and box spring would be best for a spare bedroom?

For many people, brand name mattresses may be the best choice for the extra bedroom. There are many good quality brand name mattresses like Simmons Beautyrest, Sealy, and Serta if a person insists on brand names. However, this might be a great time to consider some mattress brands that could save you extra money and offer some additional value. A couple of our favorites lesser know mattress brands include Campbell Mattress Co., Symbol Mattress Co., and Englander. These are just a few great examples of quality-valued mattresses.

2. How can I save money on a mattress and box spring for my guest bedroom?

If the mattress set in the master bedroom is getting worn or is on its last leg, look at the idea of moving it into the spare bedroom. Many times the master bedroom mattress will fit into the guest bedroom. Then take the money that you would have spent on a rarely used spare bedroom mattress and apply it toward the mattress set you can take pleasure in every night, yours.

3. Consider how often a mattress in the spare bedroom is going to be used.

If the extra mattress is going to be used once in a blue moon, we suggest cutting the budget back a little. The guests who stay with you are not expecting you to buy them a 5-star mattress and spend thousands of dollars just to make them comfortable. Comfortable quality mattress sets that work perfectly for the extra bedroom can be purchased for very little so take your time and you will stumble upon a great mattress deal that is affordable and in the budget. After all, it is a place your guest can stay for free and you rarely if ever use it.

4. Think about the average size of the persons that will be using the extra mattress in the spare bedroom.

If the mattress will be used by smaller children then purchasing a real heavy-duty mattress set may be avoided. If your guests are of average weight and size you may need to upgrade to a mattress with more padding so they don’t feel the coils or even sag under your guest. Finally, if your guests are heavier than 200 pounds be sure to have your sales associate help you pick a mattress that will support their larger size or it may not hold up or be very uncomfortable for them.

5. Is picking a comfortable mattress important for the spare bedroom?

This is subject to debate because some people may want the best for their guests while others may not have the means to spend a large amount of money on a mattress that only gets used a couple of times a year.

6. Should I buy a used mattress for my spare bedroom?

Our suggestion is not to ever be used from online sources such as Craig’s List and others but it is an option to buy a used mattress from an individual. Don’t waste your time looking for used mattresses at furniture stores and mattress retailers because they must abide by the state’s laws that usually forbid them from selling them. We believe purchasing a used mattress is dangerous and a risky purchase for you and your guest, which is why it is against the law in most of the 50 states and should be avoided if possible.

7. How can I save money purchasing a mattress for the extra bedroom?

Look for a hand me down from a family member you know. Purchase a used mattress from a newspaper classifieds as the Post Dispatch or the County Journals or even Craig’s List. (Note: not our favorite choice and quite risky) A much better idea is to look at the idea of buying a store floor model mattress or closeout. Demo mattresses and last ones are store floor models that have never been slept on and many of those stores have great deals to offer their customers.

8. What is the cost of a mattress for a spare bedroom?

Used mattresses can be found for free and up to one hundred dollars. New sets depending on the mattress size can start around $100.00 as mentioned above don’t forget to ask about closeout mattresses and store floor sample mattresses.

9. What is the most popular size for mattresses and boxsprings used in an extra bedroom?

Today queen size is the most popular mattress size in the spare room. Full is still fairly popular and a king is usually too big for an extra bedroom which is typically a smaller bedroom. Remember space is part of comfort so think about that but be sure not to bust your budget and make sure it will fit in the bedroom.

10. Should I put a one-sided or 2-sided mattress in the extra bedroom?

It really is a matter of personal preference. Both can be quite comfortable and long-lasting so try both by test resting before buying your new extra mattress.


11. Is there an advantage to putting a better mattress in the spare bedroom?

Yes, there are a couple of good reasons. To get away from a snorer, If you or your partner get sick it might make a nice retreat for one of you to sleep for a couple of nights until the other is feeling better and lastly finding a comfortable mattress can be very important especially when you end up in the dog house if you know what we mean.