How Much Is A Used Mattress And Box Spring Worth?

10 More Ways To Protect Your Self When Buying A Mattress And Box Spring Or Furniture

July 12, 2010
In the Bedroom

These Are Some Of The Most Important Things Furniture And Mattress Shoppers Need To Know

  1. Under no circumstances even if the sale ends today or whatever the reason might be, do not buy until you are 100% certain this is going to be your next bed for —— years. Buyer’s remorse is a bad reason to have to return something and is a contributing factor to higher product costs.
  2. Get promises in writing dated and signed by an authorized individual such as comfort guarantees, and return and refund policies. Know what if any fees or charges may be applied.
  3. Problems such as lies, bait & switch, mislabeled product conflicts, be sure that you report these actions to the ownership and or management of the store. I would even suggest telling their manufacturers and suppliers. The supplier or manufacturer they are representing may care even if the store or salesperson does not you are shopping are buying from doesn’t.
  4. Problems cannot be resolved if management does not know about them. Be sure to contact someone within the company who has power and control over decisions. It is the only way to solve an issue and keep it from happening to someone else.
  5. Be sure to tell other people about your experience there. This is so important whether it be a negative experience or positive experience share that knowledge with others. Bad dealers need to be called out and good dealers need to be rewarded with referral business.
  6. Get names of individuals you talk too. If promises were made and not kept someone needs to be held responsible for their mistakes. This doesn’t necessarily mean their being fired most happenings don’t call for such extreme measures. Instead, it provides an opportunity to learn from the mistake if dealt with correctly.
  7. Something has been promised, a replacement product, a repair, or even a return phone call. Ask what the expected plan to correct your problem is and in addition ask for an approximate timeline to correct the issue will be or when a return phone call can be expected.
  8. If you financed or paid with a credit card and a problem or issue has not been resolved, contact one of the following and state your case in writing.  BBB, Attorney General, Small Claims Court or the expensive route of a lawyer are additional options.
  9. Be sure to shop Online Competition for better price alternatives, construction that may be better than what you are considering and last but not least warranty and what exactly that covers.
  10. Never pay cash. Credit card companies will arbitrate to settle disputes between the retailer and the buyer. Cash buyers often can negotiate better prices when purchasing but do not have the same kind of recourse if a dispute emerges and cannot be settled leaving the ball in the court of the consumer to file claims with BBB or Small Claims court etc.