How Long Does It Take To Get Use To A New Mattress?

Did you just spend a lot of money on new mattress with the hope that pain, aches, and discomfort will decrease? You are not the only one and many after spending hundreds and sometimes thousands on a new mattress only to find it somewhat uncomfortable or worst case scenario miserable. This leads us to possibly one of the most asked questions we get:

How Long Does It Take To Get Use To A New Mattress?

How Long Does It Take To Get Use To A New Mattress?
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The fact is falling head over heels in love with your mattress on the first night is the exception rather than the rule. In reality most people will find their new mattress to be very comfortable sometime within the first couple nights, however really experiencing the real comfort, support, and relaxation a new mattress provides can be about a week or so.

What is an adjustment period?

The truth is that every mattress professional knows is that most beds are built with excellent support and comfort in mind. Additionally they know that the reality is it takes time to recognize the full benefits of a new mattress.  It is not uncommon for new mattress owners to need up to a month or more to adjust to their new sleep system. While the correct mattress should always be comfortable from night one, some people actually complain after a full night of sleeping in their new mattress that they tossed and turned, found themselves waking up throughout the night, even waking up sore.

Why am I Not liking my new mattress.

Sometimes the mattress buying consumer believes too quickly that they have selected the incorrect mattress and may be even thinking about returning it. STL Beds believes this is where consumers and sales associates really need to be careful.  Make no mistake about it giving up on a mattress too soon is bad for both mattress retailers and mattress buyers.

Mattress retailers incur unnecessary costs in addition to issues associated to used mattresses that only get passed down later to future mattress buyers in the way of overhead. Exchanging a mattress can be bad for customers because they must start over and begin the process of trying to find another mattress. We are not saying customers should sleep on mattresses they hate or causes them pain that did not exist before because some people actually do pick out the wrong mattress.
Giving up on mattresses “to soon” and returning it or exchanging it for another more often than not leads to giving up on future mattresses prematurely as well.  It turns into an unresolved exchange cycle that never seems to get broken . In the end the mattress buyers become frustrated and often give up on finding a mattress figuring they’ll never select the right one. Comfort guarantees and respectable dealers that work to remedy this bad situation is a must.

So what can I expect if I don’t like my mattress right away?

Personally I use to do a lot of long distance running and not once did I ever throw on a pair of shoes that I just bought and go run a race. The reason is that my feet needed time to get used to the new shoes or risk blisters or even discomfort. New car buyers always notice the differences in cars when they get one, some differences that it just simply takes time to get used too. It is no difference with a mattress starting with the excitement of getting one. Our minds are anxious and our expectations are high and the fact that is it is different and new, all playing a very big part in how we acclimate to our new bed. While some people take to their new mattress like ducks to water a good deal of the mattress buying public or like anyone that buys a new pair of shoes we need the time to get used to the new mattress that is different from what they are use to and a level of support that their old mattress probably didn’t even have anymore. The new support and feel is something that takes time to get use to as much as 4-8 weeks.  A reason stores who offer comfort guarantees often require a minimum of 30 nights of use before it can be swapped out to 90 days.