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Will My Mattress Be Covered Under The Manufacturers Warranty If I Have Lost My Sales Receipt?

June 2, 2008
In the Bedroom

Recently this question was asked of me at a local home show. The customer went on to inquire if our store could handle his mattress warranty claim even though the mattress and boxspring was bought at another Campbell Mattress Authorized Dealer where they used to live. Unfortunately the customer had either misplaced or lost their original sales receipt which makes this particular mattress warranty one of the hardest for a mattress dealer to take care of, but not impossible. So what guidelines will a mattress store normally require a customer to follow before exercising a warranty adjustment:

  1. The original sales receipt, which is mandatory under all mattress warranties.
  2. The mattress must be defective under the terms of the warranty card explanation.
  3. Must be inspected by an authorized representative of the mattress manufacturer or authorized dealer.

Alternative Proofs Of Purchase That Mattress Stores Could Accept

Countless times the original receipt is either lost or misplaced, so what else might be acceptable to the mattress dealer or manufacturer to show original purchaser evidence? If I may toot my horn, stores like ours strive to offer the best service possible, and we do this by allowing the customer to provide alternative proofs of original purchase in the event of a lost receipt such as:

  1. Credit card statement that shows the purchase date of the mattress
  2. Cancelled check or copy of the cancelled check from the bank showing the purchase date of the mattress with pertinent information
  3. For our store customers simply knowing the original purchase date so the invoice can be looked up.
  4. Some companies now are fully automated and keep records on their computer through computer generated invoices.

The crazy thing is most mattress dealers will only accept the original receipt. They feel a cancelled check would not be enough to establish proof of purchase.

The sad thing is if a mattress warranty is rejected everyone loses. What if the customer decides to upgrade mattresses? Isn’t that a win win situation for the mattress manufacturer, the customer, and the mattress dealer? Let me be clear in saying with the information provided below it’s very easy for a dealer to take care of a mattress warranty.


Standard mattress and boxspring warranties only need to meet a few requirements to be accepted and replaced:

  • Proof of purchase (Mattress Receipt)
  • The old mattress is still with in the warranty period
  • The mattress needs to be inspected by either a factory representative or an authorized dealer
  • Mattress inspection needs to reveal a defective mattress.

In other words, no blatant signs of abuse or neglect on the customer’s part. No stains from bodily fluids. (Side Note our requirement) STLBeds is not concerned about a small smudge, marks, or mild scrapes.

  • Mattress dealers have the right to charge for the service of exchanging the defective mattress or boxspring and some do.

No one should be out a penny except the mattress manufacturer who built the defective mattress in the first place. This really is how simple a warranty claim should be.

Fortunately or unfortunately the ultimate responsibility of proof of purchase is to be provided by the consumer so keep your receipt. The solution is simple, the person filing the mattress warranty claim needs to prove that he or she is the original owner and that the mattress was bought new and not second hand from an individual or used furniture store. The mattress needs to be found defective. If this can be done case closed.

Have you had a bad or a good mattress warranty experience? If so leave your comment below.