Wholesale Bedroom Furniture Stores In St. Louis

September 22, 2011
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Wholesale Bedroom Furniture Stores In St. Louis WHOLESALE Entrance by nsub1

I really like when businesses make me feel special almost like they’re inviting me in through my own special entrance, so when I read a recent ad in a local St. Louis publication offering me wholesale pricing on bedroom furniture it got me thinking. Do people really believe they are able to purchase at whole sale prices? I honestly think shoppers of Wholesale Bedroom Furniture Stores in St. Louis think they are getting that dresser, chest, bed etc. for cost. My hope is to educate and make clear the difference between retail and wholesale on the part of consumers. It is my feeling that many shoppers are being taken by misleading marketing and deceptive business names. After all they only want to save big money. So our question is this, do Wholesale Bedroom Furniture Stores in St. Louis offer something that other sellers of furniture don’t offer? Example: The big the savings of not paying a markup by instead paying wholesale prices?

Wholesale Furniture or Wholesill Furniture?

While many companies advertise wholesale furniture prices our opinion is they’re really only getting what we like to refer to as wholesill. Wholesill is a word we’ve made up that sounds like wholesale to describe what consumers are really getting when they buy from companies that have the word wholesale in their business name or tout wholesale prices to the general public in their advertising strategy.

Can Furniture Shoppers Really Purchase for Wholesale Prices?

The fact is the majority of furniture manufacturers do not sell and will not sell direct to the public. High Point Furniture Market and Tupelo Furniture Market are two key shopping hubs for retailers looking for product to buy and then sell for a profit. While furniture manufacturers have been known to sell direct to the public it is rare and is not supposed to happen. To get in to these markets furniture retailers be registered, have their business license and other necessary proof of who they are and what they do. Without such registration the general public is not permitted access.

Do Local Furniture Companies Sell Wholesale to the Public?

While there are bedroom furniture manufacturers selling directly to the public they are not selling their products for wholesale prices. These manufacturers / retailers are cutting out the middleman by selling customers directly however don’t believe for a minute that they are selling their furniture at wholesale cost and significantly undercutting competitors. These retailers /wholesalers are businessmen and women who are very smart and very savvy and are not about to give up good profits to be had and start a price war all in the name of more sales volume.

How can I know for sure I’m paying wholesale and not retail furniture prices?

Do you homework is the answer. If there were money to be made by the manufacturers selling directly to the public we wouldn’t have the retail structure we have today. The companies you know and love would not exist and there would be a furniture manufacturer on every corner. Instead furniture manufacturers focus on what they do best source, design, build bedroom furniture while furniture retailers can focus on trends, demographics, popular styles and yes selling and educating you on the bedroom furniture you are about to buy.