Will A Waterbed Crash Through My Bedroom Floor? Waterbed Manufacturers Make Half Baffled And Half Free Flow Mattresses? Are waterbeds comfortable?

Waterbed Manufacturers Make Half Baffled and Half Free Flow Mattresses?

December 10, 2008
In the Bedroom

Do they make a waterbed mattress where each side can be different? Yes they do, as an example you can get a waterbed mattress that is one half motionless and the other half free flowing. Not only that but you can mix and match various other models of wave control. What do we mean when you say mix and match waterbed mattresses? Most waterbeds are available in the Dual Bladder choices as listed below.

Examples of Waterbed Bladders:
Dual Free Flow
Dual Semi Waveless
Dual Waveless
Dual Super Waveless
Dual Ultra Waveless

The next part is very simple; waterbed stores like STLBeds can sell you 2 halves of any of the above waterbed dual bladder choices. You only need to contact a waterbed store for questions concerning options, pricing, and availability.

Example: ½ Semi Waveless and ½ Super Waveless.

The combinations are nearly endless but very doable, giving you the opportunity to create the perfect customized feel for your softside or hardside waterbed.

These mattresses usually require a waterbed heater for each side and a thermal divider to keep the heat or chill from affecting the adjoining mattress. Waterbed stores rarely sell dual waterbed bladders in this manner. As a result of limited customer demand stores may need to special order mix and match dual configurations. There is usually a slight up charge that is passed on to the consumer, however the customized individual feel makes it worth it in the end.