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Water Bed & Cows?

March 26, 2009
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A Water Bed & Cows Really? Unlike humans, it seems that cows are not creatures of habit. Until recently most cows surveyed showed that the majority of dairy cows preferred a straightforward bed of hay or straw. Interestingly for these new-fangled progressive dairy cows, the latest craze seems to be a cow waterbed in their private stall. It appears that the cows’ owners are making the crucial renovations to sustain their “cash cows” saying it’s paying off in huge dividends.

Advanced Comfort Technology, Inc. redesigners of this one-time hippie trend team up with local merchants all over the world. They do service, sales, and even in-“stall”-ation of their crazed Dual Chamber Cow Comfort Cushion. Farmers who have tried the new cow waterbed system boast that their cattle are taking to the idea like flies to s#*t. Sorry moms and dads forgot we were blogging for a family-friendly website.

So why the big cattle cry, well when we first saw the cows actually using the waterbeds we were completely shocked and full of “udder” disbelief. Like you, our next thought was, what’s next in “stall” plasma TV’s so they could watch their favorite “moo” vies? The truth is that worldwide farmers are discovering numerous benefits for their cattle and were not “milking” this story along. The numbers seem to speak for themselves with an increase in milk production of up around 10-15 percent.

Over the years many cattle related health issues have been blamed on stall accidents and injuries connected to their old places of rest. Other cases the losses can simply add up in less milk output. This out of the ordinary waterbed remedy may not be the farmers or the cattle’s cure-all towards solving all their troubles, but it offers several herd-sized benefits, and who knew it would come from the bed made of water?

The cow waterbed bladder is made with durable vulcanized rubber and holds approx. 15 gallons of water. The typical human waterbed holds about 200 gallons of water. There is a reversible and cleanable lightweight matt used on the surface for traction, protection, and of course the cows’ comfort. The floating attributes of this durable but soft rubber surface help to protect their hooves and knees when the cattle bed down for rest or sleep. The claim is that the reduction in veterinarian bills from the clumsy cows more than justifies the cost of in- “stall”-ation. The waterbeds possess unique pressure reduction capabilities not found in the average bale of straw for the livestock.  Typically the cost of straw throughout the year is something that that can be sharply reduced with these new modern waterbeds.

The cow water beds are not heated but are installed on a concrete slab that maintains 45 degrees years round. Some farmers will use antifreeze or windshield washer fluid inside the water mattresses to prevent freezing of the mattresses located near exposed cold openings. The farmers claim that is that the reduction in veterinarian bills alone from clumsy cows more than justifies the cost of a waterbed installation.

Like every good chronicle, we must now put our unusual “barnyard bed” bedtime story to pasture, you all come back now.

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