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Top Ways To Protect Yourself Before and After a Mattress Purchase

May 27, 2010
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    1. Pay for a mattress with a major credit card like Discover or Visa. Credit card companies offer strong protection after a mattress sale and can mediate disputes like service issues, refunds, not properly handling warranty claims.
    2. Financing gives you similar protections. Third party finance sources are usually better than payment plans that are handled through in house finance programs which means that the lender is the store you purchased from.

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  • Paying by check doesn’t offer much protection in the case of a dealer who doesn’t hold up their end of an agreement. Checks however can be used as a proof of payment in lieu of a receipt. Cash gives you little to no recourse.
  • Keep your receipt. A paid receipt is the written proof that you purchased the mattress and are the original buyer of the mattress. Make sure you have it and do not lose it; file it away with other important papers and receipts.
  • Always read what you sign including fine print making sure you understand what you have signed before you do buy. Things you need to make sure you fully comprehend is detailed purchase receipts, comfort guarantees, warranties, and finance contracts.
  • What ever the reason might be under no circumstances even if the sale ends today do not buy until you are 100% certain this is going to be your next bed for X number of years.
  • Get promises in writing making sure they are dated and signed by an authorized individual of the company.
  • Problems such as lies, bait & switch, mislabeled product conflicts, be sure that you report these actions to the ownership and or management of the store. I would even suggest telling their manufacturers and suppliers.  The supplier or manufacturer have a reputation to uphold and often care even when the mattress store or salesman does not.
  • If you are unsatisfied or have a problem with a mattress you have purchased tell someone no matter how big or small you think the problem is. Problems cannot be resolved if stores don’t know about them.
  • Be sure to tell other people about your total mattress buying and service experience both in general conversation and in online reviews which are often slanted to the negative since people who have great experiences don’t go online with the purpose to share their experience with others. Negative experiences are nearly always shared.
  • Always get names of individuals you talk to about everything you may need later if a problem arises.
  • Ask what the expected plan of action will be to correct a problem, in addition ask for an approximate time line to correct the issue or at the very least when a follow up phone can be expected.
  • Courses of action if a mattress issue or problem is not resolved include contacting the finance company, credit card company, the Better Business Bureau BBB, your state Attorney General, Small Claims Court, or a last resort the expensive route of a lawyer. These are all courses of action to resolve a problem if all other avenues have been exhausted.
  • Share and tell people about your mattress buying experience and the product you bought both the bad and the good it will help future mattress buyers.
  • Remember none of these tips can stop problems and issues from occurring but an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.


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