Looking at colors for a comforter. Top 10 Things To Do Before You Purchase A Mattress.

Top 10 Things To Do Before You Purchase A Mattress

May 24, 2010
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I wish I had a dime for every time I heard how people got taken advantage of or treated unfairly or even worse lied to or by mattress salespeople and the stores they work for. This blog will offer 10 helpful tips to keep you from making the same mistakes.

  1. A salesperson can be very helpful in choosing the correct mattress, use their experience and advise to guide you. You don’t have to agree with them or take their advice but by listening to them a mattress shopper can learn a lot.
  2. Visit mattress forums, chat rooms, and review sites where people just like you discuss their experiences, likes, and dislikes.
  3. Read comfort guarantees from stores that offer them. Many times fees, charges, and restrictions apply so understand the details of comfort exchanges and reselections or refunds. People often draw their own conclusion of how these work and are upset when the actual policy differs from how they believe it should work.
  4. Know exactly what a mattress warranty covers and what it doesn’t cover. Warranties don’t cover much and never cover mattress comfort which is one of the biggest complaints consumers file their warranty claim under. Know that long mattress warranties are not an indicator of how long a mattress will actually last which is commonly much shorter than the warranty that covers only manufacturer’s defects.
  5. Check out a dealer’s reputation through multiple sources. Several excellent sources can be asking friends, family members, and co-workers who may have already bought where you’re shopping. Ask them where they bought, what kind of buying and or service experience they had. The BBB is another good source for this kind of information.
  6. Do your homework take good notes and pay close attention to the dreaded sales pitch. Believe it or not salespeople are generally educated about what they are selling and it is a very good way to get a solid understanding of what you’re buying. An educated buyer makes the best choices.
  7. One of the most common mistakes mattress buyers make is educating themselves and shopping after they have already bought. The only thing you will find yourself doing is catching a bad case of buyers’ remorse and that you made a horrible decision.
  8. Most importantly test rest different mattresses. There are many different brands try them all. Each of those brand names are going to have many models to choose from. Some offer different types of mattresses that will be built using things like coils springs, memory foam, latex foam rubber, or even air or water. By doing this you will be much more secure with your mattress purchase.
  9. While test resting mattresses quickly eliminate mattresses that you don’t like or are ho hum about. Once narrowed down to a few models you really like spend at least 10 -15 minutes test resting each mattress for best results.
  10. Don’t be swayed by sales that end today or on Saturday. Sales will come and go and deals are plentiful you just may have to go get the deal at a different store that carries the same of similar mattress.
  11. Here are some more great tips.

Top Ways To Protect Yourself Before and After a Mattress Purchase

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