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Top 10 Reasons People Get Rid Of Their Waterbeds

November 17, 2008
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A must read list of the reasons why waterbeds have lost their popularity

  1. Landlords of apartment complexes or rental properties do not allow waterbeds.
    This is true some rental situations either require renters insurance or will not allow them at all. We believe that as long as there is insurance coverage that extends to the waterbed why not. There have been numerous insurance claims for failed water supply lines on washers, toilets, and aquariums. Unlike the previously mentioned waterbeds have a safety liner and 99.9% of all leaks are very small and stay contained within the safety liner.
  2. My waterbed broke so I did not buy another one.
    Failures from poorly constructed and poorly maintained waterbeds are the main cause for failure. This frustration drove and still drives many people who were otherwise sleeping comfortably on their waterbed.
  3. Sex was not very good on a waterbed.
    Personally I disagree with that statement. There have been many opinions both in favor and against sex on waterbeds. Our opinion is, give it a try (after first consulting your doctor and getting consent that you are healthy enough to engage in sexual intercourse).
  4. Waterbeds are only for people still trying to relive their youth (AKA the 70s, 80s and 90s)
    I don’t really agree with that but I will admit that I had the mullet and the mustache for a long time. I kept them until the early 90’s when the day came that I finally realized that look was no longer for me. My softside waterbed is a different story and is still a big part of my life and to this day is one of the favorite things that I own because of its comfort and support not nostalgic reasons.
  5. I really liked my waterbed, but I got rid of it because they aren’t popular anymore.
    This has to be one of the dumbest reasons for getting rid of a waterbed. Even if you have a very modern styled, antique, or colonial look in your house there is a waterbed that will work with your décor especially since the introduction of softside waterbeds, which use regular sheets and headboards.
  6. I got rid of my waterbed because I was told they are bad for my back.
    It is our opinion that we do not think a waterbed is any worse or for that matter better for your back. There are opinions on both sides of the argument. What we can tell you is for over 22 years our customers with bad backs and without bad backs have praised waterbeds and put them down. A sad fact we would like to add to this is that many doctors will recommend and suggest one type of a mattress over another with little to no knowledge of the product they just recommended or objected to.
  7. Only hippies own waterbeds anymore and went out of style with the hippies.
    The hippies may have introduced them but the hippies themselves went out of fashion in the late 1970’s before the waterbeds even hit their peak of popularity. Even today waterbeds make up a large segment of the specialty bedding industry. I don’t think we could say the same for the hippies.
  8. I got rid of my waterbed because I could not find a waterbed dealer to sell me the replacement parts I needed.
    This is true and many retailers got out of the waterbed business several years back. There has been a strong resurgence especially with the Internet and specialty mattress stores like STLBeds.  If you need waterbed parts, we can get them for you!
  9. I can’t buy a waterbed because there are no waterbed dealers in my area.
    As mentioned above look to the Internet.  All of your waterbed needs can be filled there in a timely manner if there is no waterbed store in your city or town.
  10. Waterbeds are too heavy and can fall through the floor of my bedroom.
    This is completely false. We suggest talking to your insurance agent, contractor, or an engineer to get the truth. The weight is less than 50 pounds per square foot and if where you are living cannot hold that, you most likely have a bigger problem and may want to look for an alternative place to live.
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Did we miss one?  Why did you get rid of your waterbed?

Or better yet: Did you buy a waterbed “back in the day” and still have and love it to this day?