Top Ten Benefits Of A Free Flow Waterbed Mattress

Top 10 Problems With Free Flow Waterbed Mattresses

February 26, 2012
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Top 10 Problems with Free Flow Waterbed Mattresses

  1. Heater Burn Outs-  The first of our Top 10 Problems With Free Flow Waterbed Mattresses is that there is nothing inside of the envelope other than water,  heater burn outs are more common. Heavier people, sitting on the mattress, and heavy items placed on the bed can force the surface of the mattress to come into contact with the bottom of the mattress, if this happens on top of the heating pad the unit cannot properly dissipate the heat because of the displaced water. Fiber baffling solves this problem.
  2. Heating elements that gets knocked out-In the same way described above a knee or rear end can hit the heating pad element too hard and damage the heating element tripping a breaker of sorts that shuts the unit down and cannot be reset.

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  3. Not enough support- Fiber layers strategically placed and pod or hydraulic baffles add support where the body needs it most and reduces mattress motion and free flows offer none of these features.
  4. Too wavy-Most sleepers do not like to be disturbed while sleeping and the waviness of a free flowing water mattress if often too much for most sleepers.
  5. Most are imported– Free flows were the original waterbed and they were cheap, so today many companies rely on imported versions to hit competitive price points that are well under 100.00 dollars. This is made possible by importing from countries that too often take advantage of workers with low pay and poor working conditions. Raw materials for building free flow mattresses are commonly inferior and technologies of assembly are not up to snuff. Lastly warranties are usually only 1 year full.
  6. More seam failures– Due to water that can move freely throughout the water bag extreme pressures are applied to all areas of the mattress including any water mattresses’ weakest point seams and corners.
  7.  Over filling for extra firm feel-I have rarely seen a free flow mattress that was properly filled by the consumer. More often than not admittedly they like to add more water to increase the firmness. While it does make it firmer it also causes premature stretching, excess seam pressure, and mattress failure. The answer to a firmer mattress is purchasing one with the proper amount of baffling and support to fit the sleepers’ needs.
  8. Hard to keep sheets and bedding on a free flowing mattress– Free flowing water creates waves and the waves ultimately buck or pop the sheets off the mattress. Throw in the fact that most people over fill their free flows and it is easy to see why keeping sheets on the bed is a never ending battle.
  9. Water displacement issues for the lighter sleeper– If you have ever climbed into a tub and watched the water rise up around you, the principal is the same. In the case of a water bed with motion the heavier sleeper displaces their water which in turn puts the lighter sleeper on the bubble, and experience that most find to be unpleasant.
  10. Don’t last as long as baffled or fiber filled versions– Overfilled mattresses, free flowing unrestrained water, and low grade building materials like cheap vinyl. It is no wonder these beds have less warranty and don’t last as long as their baffled competitors.

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