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There Is More Mattress Variety & Selection At Giant Mattress Stores So Why Buy From A Small Family Owned Company?

October 6, 2008
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Do giant stores really offer gigantic selection? Lets take a closer look.

Yes it is true that the large furniture and mattress chains including the giant mattress stores in St. Louis and St Charles have plenty of mattresses to select from. Most giant mattress retail stores pride themselves in carrying the 4 major brand names in mattresses.  For example, just think about these 4 brand name mattresses for a moment: Sealy Posturepedic®, Serta Perfect Sleeper® Simmons Beauty Rest® and Spring Air Back Supporter®.

What store wouldn’t shout from the rooftops and sing the praises of such well know mattress brands? It is not unusual for giant retail stores to offer vast choices in brand name mattresses. They often brag about it to their potential customers in ads, boasting about their large showrooms, truckload saving and unbeatable selection. While the sheer number of choices the big stores offer is impressive, they are not up front about how many real different choices in types of mattresses they have to offer. This may just be a difference of ideology but we don’t thinks so.

How come giant mattress stores sometimes display 12 mattresses but often only display 3 choices in comfort?

Most large mattress retailers typically display 15- 20 brand name models for you to choose from. Each competing brand name offers a nearly identical feel and price point to compete with one another; these are called comparisons by the industry. Each brand name mattress will share nearly identical construction, warranty, price and feel while differing in color, quilting pattern, and name.

For example, take the $1200.00 Sealy®, Serta®, Spring Air®, and Simmons® beds.  Each will display a mattress at this price point. In addition each of the brand names may also display a firm top, plush top, and a pillow top mattress. Many sales associates in private say when it comes down to the difference between each brand name mattress; there really isn’t much of a difference. Of course each brand feels theirs is the best and will debate it to the bitter end. Each will tell you that their mattress has a unique feel. Each will claim they have the best prices on their mattresses. The reality is that you are viewing 12 nearly identical models from 4 different brand names.

If you do the math; the dealer is technically showing 12 different mattresses, however they are nearly impossible to tell apart from one another. The fact is that the mattress store is displaying 4 Plush Top Mattress sets, 4 Firm Top Mattress sets, and 4 Pillow Top Mattresses. Each of those 3 choices are then represented by one of the 4 brand names like Sealy®, Serta®, Spring Air®, and Simmons® – giving the appearance of a giant selection with the 12 different beds. But is that a real choice or is that just a bunch of the same thing being offered up as something different?

Do people want the same beds with different brand names on them or do they want real variety in selection when choosing a new bed?

We at STLBeds believe variety is not a bunch of the same stuff disguised to look different.

Here is what we feel real choice and variety in mattresses are:

By choosing to support specialty sleep stores like STLBeds, you as the consumer will get REAL choices in comfort and value for a great price.

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