The Importance Of A Box Spring Mattress

The Importance Of Box Spring Mattresses

April 22, 2013
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If you’re in the market for a new bed and aren’t convinced you need a boxspring mattress, it’s time to explore why box spring mattresses are important.  Choose the wrong foundation and you’ll suddenly find that your bed isn’t as comfortable as it used to be.

A box spring mattress is a sturdy, fabric-covered wooden frame with internal springs or coils.  Placed under a softer mattress to provide structural support they play an important role in keeping your mattress in shape for many years. A box spring is quite literally the foundation of your bed as it creates a solid base on which your mattress can rest.  Most bed frames consist of a basic metal frame and require a foundation to prevent the softer top mattress from falling through.

Many foundations are specifically designed for a certain type or brand of mattress, ensuring that the foundation supplies the mattress with the comfort and level of support manufacturers advertise.  Trouble is, too many consumers don’t invest in a foundation when they buy a new bed, negatively affecting manufacturer warranty in many cases.  And many consumers don’t understand that the foundation created by a box spring is the very thing that protects the softer top mattress from cosmetic and structural damage.  A box spring creates a barrier between the bed frame and the softer top mattress.  Without a base, the softer top mattress is susceptible to tears on its surface from the shock it absorbs when an individual sits or lies down.  A box spring mattress is instrumental in absorbing this constant shock that happens every day and night, preventing your mattress from bending in any way that may damage the coils inside.  The proper support a box spring provides the softer top mattress is also what prevents premature sagging.

Once you’ve purchased your new bed and box spring mattress, one step you can take to protect them is to avoid placing anything between your new mattress and foundation like a board or slatted bed base.  Doing so will reduce the life of your mattress.  Your new foundation and softer top mattress should be the same size (i.e., twin, full, queen, king, etc).  Ideally, you want a foundation that has a coil-upon-coil design, aligning the coils in the box spring with the coils in the accompanying softer top mattress.

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For the past decade, many foundations were manufactured were the taller 9-inch spring variety.  While not necessarily a problem for taller sleepers, shorter individuals often viewed them with disdain, having to use a stepping stool in extreme cases just to get into bed.  Fortunately, the lower 5-inch model has returned to the marketplace thanks to popular demand.  And for allergy sufferers, these are available with covered springs that block allergens. While most mattresses come with foundations there are some constructed with a modular grid foundation that has square coils designed to more effectively absorb shocks to the mattress.  Box spring mattresses made of high-density foam or rigid metal wire grids are also available.

Purchasing a box spring mattress with your new bed is one of the best investments you can make.  When it comes to your comfort and preserving the structure of your mattress, this is key.