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STLBeds Joins The Sustainable Furnishings Council

September 24, 2009
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Our commitment to you.

I am proud to say that STL Beds has become a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council. This is just another step in our company’s journey to becoming an item of more environmentally responsible furniture and mattress retailer.  Saint Louis and online shoppers can know that through our joining of the SFC that we have agreed to make a commitment to everyone from our customers to the environment that gives us all the bounty needed to survive, live comfortably and live healthily.

Who is The Sustainable Furnishings Council?

The SFC is a non-profit group of people who seek out manufacturers and retailers in the home industry who are committed to making sure that sustainable practices are carried out and a commitment to educating all of us in and out of the furniture industry while making the necessary changes that will benefit both man and the environment.

What does SFC encourage?

1. Legally- logged wood.
2. A verifiable chain of custody by the loggers.
3. It asks businesses to reduce known toxic substances and reduce and lower resources that are unsustainable for products such as mattresses and bedroom furniture.
4. Minimize transportation if and whenever possible.
5. Encourages the reduction of packaging and packing materials.
6. Offer customers meaningful certificates and help educate consumers about sustainability.
7. The SFC asks the MFC and retailers to make reasonable choices concerning sustainability by partnering in such things as personal and company reductions in energy usage, committing to a high level of safety standards, while paying a living wage and eliminating sweatshops.

What are the benefits?

Nearly everyone is in agreement that by carrying out the previously mentioned goals that the global environment that we all live in and share can be improved with just a little effort on everyone’s part. This can and will lead to better public health in the home, work, or the great outdoors. The idea is that it doesn’t have to be life-altering but through daily responsible purchases, sales and manufacturing methods everyone can be positively affected.

The sustainable furnishing council can be a great source of education for all. In future blogs, STLBeds looks to help pass along news of any kind related to mattresses and bedroom furniture. We hope that our customers will make their own commitment and seek out information concerning the bedroom furniture and the mattresses we all sleep in. Like STLBeds, we had little knowledge about our products origins, construction, and it’s an environmental impact. We believe you will be as shocked as we were when you too research and learn where your mattresses and furniture comes from. When we looked into it we realized the previously mentioned SFC goals are never advised or considered by most manufacturers in our industry. We do not believe that mattress and furniture manufacturers want to do harm to us or the environment, but rather in most cases it is a  simple lack of education of smarter, more environmentally sound ways to live a sustainable way of life that ultimately affects everyone.