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Small St. Louis Mattress Store Levels Playing Field With The Simmons Beauty Rest Mattress

November 6, 2008
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Local St. Louis Mattress Company STLBeds just added The Do Not Disturb Simmons Beautyrest® Mattress to their already strong bedding line up. The Simmons Brand mattress will compliment an already huge specialty line up of mattresses making them one of the most unique mattress stores in the state of Missouri.

The addition of Simmons Beautyrest brand Mattresses to STLBeds already diverse selection is just one more piece of the puzzle used to beat the big guys. Their current mattress selection includes memory foam mattresses, organic and all natural latex rubber mattresses. They also offer softside flotation waterbeds, and an extensive choice of mattresses and boxsprings that includes Campbell Mattress Co. and Symbol Mattress Co.

Store manager Doug Belleville says that the “Simmons Beautyrest Mattress is different from other brand name powerhouse mattresses like Serta, Sealy, and Spring Air.” He says it’s different because, “Simmons separates itself from the other mattress brands because the Simmons Beautyrest® does not connect their coils to one another. This allows the mattress to support and contour specifically and exactly by using individually pocketed coil springs. This distinctive and unique coil design allows each person’s one of a kind height, weight, and shape to be supported properly and cradled comfortably through out the night.”

David Belleville owner of STLBeds agreed, “With this addition of The Simmons Beautryrest Mattress we are utilizing the purchasing power of a Mid West Distributing giant: American Wholesale Furniture Company. The advantage is that because of AWFCO’s buying power we are actually able to purchase Simmons Beautyrest Mattresses cheaper through AWFCO than we can buy the mattresses directly from Simmons Company itself. We think this levels the playing field tremendously. We can now purchase our Simmons Beautyress Mattresses like the big chains and giant box stores. This buying power means even more cost saving for you the consumer along with so many other great buying advantages you can only get at a mom and pop mattress store like STLBeds.”

Dave says “ We believe that whether you are from South, North, or West County or our hometown of Jefferson County, our hope is that people will find it worth their time to visit our showroom. For nearly 23 years my customers have said all they want is a real selection in mattresses that will last at a great price. We continue to be progressive by offering the widest range and most diverse mattress choices available. We want it to be so different and so unlike any other St. Louis mattress store that they will not just make the drive from surrounding cities and counties, but from surrounding states like Illinois, Kansas, and Arkansas to buy their next mattress.”