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Ridge In The Middle Of A Mattress

March 12, 2009
In the Bedroom

We are often asked why mattresses develop a ridge or hump in the middle of them. People spend a lot of money on mattresses and often become very frustrated with an unsightly ridge that develops in the middle of their expensive mattresses. These high spots or ridges run from the head end of a mattress to the foot end mattress. We are repeatedly asked if this is considered normal wear and if such unsightly humps are covered under warranty. Whether you own a king or a queen these high spots located down the middle of a mattress are actually a fairly common occurrence.

How does the high spot develop?

It is very common for both queens and kings to have such strange wear. The majority of mattresses that get these humps have significant layers of padding. The ridge in the middle is the result of infrequent use for the reason that the middle of the mattress is rarely used. Most couples tend to nest comfortably on their respective sides of the bed. The constant and consistent usage of the same sleeping areas causes mattresses with multiple layers of polyurethane foams and other comfort padding layers to compress. These indentations are sometimes-called body impressions. The body impressions are actually low spots in the mattress where the sleeper lies night after night.

Is the hump in the middle of a mattress going to go away or am I just stuck with this unsightly ridge?

Most likely the hump will not go away. It is much more common than it may, in fact, begin to look worse as the mattress gets older. Many times unless excessive wear has taken place such ridges are not covered by the manufacturers’ warranty. Be sure to contact the retail store you purchased your mattress from or mattress manufacturer if you believe your mattress is defective.

Why didn’t my old mattress have this ridge in the middle?

This is primarily because mattresses in the past did not have all the padding that they do today. Not so many years ago mattresses were thin and not very padded and had their own set of frustrating issues. Back in the day, it was not uncommon for coil springs to fail and poke you in the night and cut directly through thin layers of padding creating discomfort.  Even further back some had obnoxious buttons that were designed to keep the few comfort layers the bed had into place.

Is there any way to fix the hump I have in the middle of my mattress?

There are some things you can do to help prevent uneven wear. Turning or rotating your mattress frequently can help even out mattress wear and give the padding a chance to rejuvenate and bounce back some. We recommend doing this even if your warranty says you do not have to rotate the bed. If you have a two-sided bed you can flip your mattress over to extend mattress life. Another helpful hint when you are taking a nap tries to make a conscious effort to use the middle of the bed, especially when your partner is not in bed with you. Finally, our favorite suggestion is to move to the middle of the bed and snuggle with your bed buddy. It’s good for promoting even mattress wear and breaking down high spots in your mattress and more importantly it may very well spice up the relationship in the bedroom.