How To Choose A Remote Control Adjustable Comfortbase Foundation

How to Choose a Remote Control Adjustable Comfortbase Foundation

June 19, 2017

Many people are making the move to remote control bed foundations for a better night’s sleep on a continual basis. The adjustable head positions can help relieve symptoms of sleep apnea, acid reflux and snoring. Read on for a comparison of different models from which to choose.

There are several different models of remote control adjustable comforbases to choose from with a wide selection of options and even an affordable one in the introductory selection.

Prelude Affordable Comfortbase-Adjustable Bed Foundation

This is the introductory level of our Lifestyle Series of adjustable powerbases. This model gives you the comfort you desire in an adjustable bed without many options that you may not want if you are price conscious. You can enjoy a full range of head and foot positions that adjust with an ergonomic wired remote control. The upper body inclines up to 65 degrees and the foot inclines up to 35 degrees. It includes a German made motor that is quiet and a stand by mode to be energy efficient. It also includes an emergency power down and a power surge protection with a capacity of 800 pounds in the split king size. This model is available in all sizes from twin to a split king and split California King with a 20-year warranty.

Navigate Adjustable Comfortbase Bed Foundation

This remote control comfortbase foundation is a step above the Prelude. It includes a backlit, wireless remote control with the same inclines possible of 65 degrees on the head and 35 degrees on the foot portion. It also has a one-touch button to return the bed to a flat position. There are two pre-programmed positions on the remote control of zero gravity and anti-snore to enable you to reach these levels quickly. The back light enables you to see the remote control easily in the dark. It uses the same German engineered quiet motor with a stand by mode. The safety features are the same as the Prelude, but in addition, it has zero pull force to rise and lower easily and a non-pinch zone so the mattress doesn’t fold and pinch while adjusting it. Included accessories are a mattress retainer bar to keep the mattress from sliding and a sync cable to pair twin XL bases so they move together. This bed carries a 20-year warranty and is available in all sizes from Twin to Split California King.

Freestyle Adjustable Bed Base/Platform Steel Comfort Base

This fully adjustable base is a great solution if you have wanted an adjustable bed for a long time and you have a platform bed with drawers. This base is specially made at only 3 inches tall and you place it on your existing platform or foundation. It includes the same German engineered, quiet motor as the navigate model and the same safety plus features with the addition of foundation anchors to keep it in place. There is also a connector plate included with the purchase for preventing separation of the Twin XL size. The backlit remote control allows more elevation at the foot and head. The head inclines up to 70 degrees and the foot inclines up to 30 degrees. This model is available in Twin XL, Queen and Split King with a 20-year warranty.

Grand Adjustable Bed Foundation Glideaway Comfortbase/Powerbase

This model has some great high-end features that are very useful such as a charging station with 4 universal USB charging ports with 2 on each side. You can also enjoy the LED underbed lighting to help you see the floor as you exit the bed in the dark. It also includes a torch light for superior lighting while reading or watching TV in bed. A pillow tilt function is included to give you extra support and comfort over the previous models. A wall hugging design saves floor space and allows the back to travel up to 11 inches. Sleep enhancement technology is included in the mid back area to give you total body vibration to relax and fall into a deep sleep with 4 wave modes, 4 intensity levels and 3 timer options. The wireless backlit remote control lets you incline your head to 65 degrees and your foot to 35 degrees with zero gravity and anti-snore pre-programmed into the remote control. In addition, when you find the perfect sleep position, you can program it in your remote control to return to that position with a touch of the button. This base is available in a full range of sizes between a Twin and Split California King and includes a 20-year warranty.

Ascend Power Adjustable Mattress Foundation

This model is the cream of the crop in remote control adjustable foundations. It has all of the features of the above navigate model including the wireless backlit remote with pre-programmed positions. You can also enjoy the sleep enhancement technology, the same safety features and the same identical German manufactured quiet technology motor. The upper body inclines to 65 degrees and the lower body to 35 degrees. This model includes an elevated base incline, which allows the entire base to rise up to enable TV viewing much easier, support your mattress better and to tilt your entire body in a sleep position that alleviates acid reflux. This is the most customizable foundation you can find and it is available in Twin XL, Queen, Split King and Split California King with a 20-year premium warranty.

No matter what your price point is or which features you want on your adjustable bed, we can help you to choose the perfect one that fits in with your bedroom décor. Every model we carry has a 20-year warranty to outlast your mattress by about double the amount of time.