Why You Need A Relationship With A Bamboo Waterbed Mattress

Why You Need a Relationship with a Bamboo Waterbed Mattress

March 27, 2019
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Meet the Perfection Luxury Soft Side Waterbed

Luxury and perfection don’t seem to go hand in hand when hard bamboo comes to mind–but they do if the bamboo fibers are processed in the correct manner to make the bamboo cover soft yet supportive and come together as one of the most comfortable beds you can sleep in. We call it ” The Perfection Luxury Softsided Waterbed”.

Why You Need a Relationship with a Bamboo Mattress Cover

Natural bamboo fibers are on the rise in the bedding industry for many reasons. The chemical process can convert plant-based fibers, such as all natural bamboo into a superior fabric that can be in a mattress cover, the ticking or even clothing. This is similar to the manner in which rayon is produced and it’s been around since the mid 1800’s with some innovative modifications. Consumers have many questions to be addressed about bamboo in mattresses.

What are Some Positive Aspects of the Bamboo Processing?

Bamboo fibers are processed through the advanced “closed loop” solvent rotating procedure as a spinning process. It has less affect on the environment and is economical in the use of energy and water. The solvent is continuously recycled throughout the production process. It reduces factory emissions from smokestacks into the air and from wastewater drastically when compared to other synthetic fiber productions. The solvent to digest bamboo pulp can be toxic, but this new process allows the solvent to be reused carefully and not enter into the local water systems. Bamboo can be incinerated, recycled or processed in sewage and in a waste facility; the fiber will naturally degrade entirely in just 8 days.

Is Bamboo All Natural?

Yes and no. The fact is that 99 percent of the everyday products we use, even the environmentally friendly ones, encompass some negative ecological impact. The best idea is to choose products that are the lesser of two evils–such as bamboo.

What are Some Facts About Bamboo?

Bamboo is in the grass family, although it is a relative of a woody, recurrent evergreen plant that has the ability to reproduce outward from the parent plant to create a cloned colony. It is also the Earth’s fastest-growing plant, making it sustainable. It can grow up to 47.6 inches tall in one 24-hour period of time. Bamboo’s growth rate has reached a maximum growth rate that exceeds 40 inches per hour for short time periods. Bamboo is a fast growing natural resource that replenishes itself very quick and doesn’t strip any natural resources in the process.

Why Choose the Perfection Luxury Soft Side Waterbed?

This Perfection Bed is where style and beauty meets the ultimate in comfort and support–all in one product. It is a soft side design, which means no hard frames to climb on when entering and exiting the bed. No drilling or boards are necessary to install this mattress and you won’t incur bumps or bruises from it like in a hard side waterbed. This also means that you can use your existing sheets in the same bed size and you don’t need to buy waterbed sheets for it. The sides of the mattress are beautifully handcrafted in a luxury style suede in a neutral tan color to go with any decor you already have in the bedroom.

What Kind of Water Chambers are Available?

One of the great features of this mattress is that you can also choose the water chamber that fits you best for the best night sleep. You can choose the standard free flow mattress with full motion, a 1-2 second wave control bladder, a 1 second dual control bladder or a luxury 0 second firm “sponge mattress” bladder. The luxury version feels identical to the old sponge mattresses for the ultimate in comfort. All four of the bladders provide pressure relieving comfort to give you the feel of sleeping gravity free and weightless. The deep 9 inch water chambers give you the maximum medical benefits with temperature controlled fluid to allow your weight to be equally distributed over the surface while eliminating all pressure points on your entire body and improving your circulation.

How is the Mattress Made?

The bamboo and super soft cotton rayon are woven into a stretch knit cover on the top of the mattress. It stretches in four directions, rather than two on lesser quality beds for the best formation to your body. The rayon that is made from bamboo is very durable, breathable and is a moisture wicking material that is incredibly soft, plus and resilient at the same time for the ultimate soft side Euro waterbed mattress.

After the top you have a 5 way posture grid support provided by a true tri-zone and going downward into progressive support under the bladder. It is self-adjusting to reduce pressure and has great body support and superior comfort. The memory cell layer on the bottom of the bladder is made of natural latex for superior support while maintaining the best body contouring in a super soft mattress. It is made of health smart and earth friendly materials for peace of mind.

The hydrodynamic support system also includes a single or dual temperature control, so each person can sleep at the perfect temperature to offer as much health derived benefits as the pressure support does.

The superior power edge support uses the exclusive M-Rail sling design to maximize the sleeping surface without sides that sag from sitting on the edges to enter and exit the bed or to put on or take off your shoes. This makes the mattress more durable.

This mattress is available in both queen and king size and each has a matching fully assembled foundation that is elegant in styling and split to make it stronger, more stable and convenient to move.

If you are looking for a product that is durable, made sustain-ably, beautiful, the ultimate in comfort and has a 25 year warranty–then this mattress with a bamboo top is the best decision you can make.