How To Use A Full Size Headboard With A Queen Size Mattress And Frame

Using Your Queen Size Bed Headboard with Full size Mattress & Frame

January 7, 2010
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Don’t throw away that old Queen size bed headboard or mattress.

If you thought you couldn’t utilize a Queen size bed headboard with full size mattress & frame, think again. We have a couple of easy solutions to your problem. First lets look at the size of each item:

Adapter plate for Queen headboard & Full frame Get this adapter plate by clicking on this photo

Queen headboard and or footboard usually measures 60 inches wide while full size mattresses and bed frames only measures 54 inches wide. Although 6 inches may seem like a lot, it really isn’t when you split the difference between each side. People have been fitting headboards to frames this way for years. It only leaves 3 inches per side a measurement most people can comfortably live with that. By the time the mattress is dressed with sheets, bed skirt, and bed spread, the eyes will not be drawn to this little bit of extra width on each size. Below are great and easy solutions to save you money by not having to purchase a smaller headboard or a larger mattress and all of the additional bedding needed to dress the mattress?

How to use a Queen bolt up headboard with a full-size mattress and frame

Using a set of Glideaway MODEL #8A mounting plates you can attach the old queen size headboard that bolt up to a full sized bed frame with bolt up connection plates. For example a person can bolt the adapter plate to a queen headboard designed to bolt up and then simply bolt it to the full size bed frame. The slots permit horizontal and vertical adjustments.

If the queen size bed headboard has vertical slots where the old time hook wood or metal side frames used to slide in then you would use a Down Hook accessory. The Down hooks utilize 2 heavy-duty steel brackets with down hooks that simply hook over standard pins in the vertical slots of the headboard. You could then use a bolt on frame with a set of MODEL #8A Mounting plates as mentioned above.

Lastly some headboards need no modifications at all and simply have an additional spot to attach a headboard that is located 3 inches inside of the queen mounting position by bolting up the frame,

Lastly and not our favorite option is if there is a spot to drill through the headboard that lines up with your frame and is secure enough to attach it is possible to do so but may damage or devalue your headboard.

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