Pure Latex Bliss Will Soon Be Owned By Latex International

Pure Latex Bliss Will Soon Be Owned By Latex International

September 29, 2011
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Pure LatexBliss To Be Owned By Latex International

Yesterday our trade magazine for the furniture and mattress industry announced the acquisition of Pure Latex Bliss by Latex International. While Neither Pure Latex Bliss or Latex International openly admitted any kind of ownership by the other to us, it seemed there was a strong working relationship between the two companies.

At Las Vegas World Markets of the past Latex International was know to refer customers looking for Talalay Mattresses over to Pure Latex Bliss just across the hall. We had also noticed that caller ID from Pure Bliss was showing up as Latex International and when attending the 2011 August Las Vegas World Market the two companies had swapped show spaces. Whatever was going on wasn’t being shared with this dealer. It has always seemed like there was some kind of relationship between the two companies since the Pure Latex Bliss beginning but never appeared to do no harm to the company. As a matter of fact, product development happened at a rocket’s pace and quality never seemed to suffer. Their focus has always been on building a better product for the consumer at a reasonable price. This morning STL Beds received the following email from President and CEO Dave Fisher which suggests this deal has indeed gone through: 

Good morning,

We announced yesterday in the Furniture Today e-daily that Pure LatexBLISS will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Latex International shortly.
I wanted to send you a short note on what that will mean for you.
First, our team will remain the same, doing exactly what they have always done. I will become the President of the Consumer Products Group at Latex International. Joe will be the head of sales for that division. Kellie will remain Retail Assistance Manager. Our sales representatives and customer care representatives will not change.
Now, on to what will change. 
Our contract business model served us well to start a company and thrive in the middle of a recession. The American dream does exist!  Unfortunately, there have been many points in time that it did not serve you well as a customer. It really has been a roller coaster and we value your business and support greatly. We truly have the best customers in the world. Thanks for believing in us.
As an integrated business unit, we will serve you significantly better moving forward. Dave Fisher has appointed Mike Quinn to direct all of operations and logistics for Pure LatexBLISS effective next Monday. Mike has a fine track record and is well respected. He is a great guy and you will get to know him. Within a very short time, you will see a significant improvement in timeliness of delivery and reduction in damage.
If you have questions, please feel free to call.
STL Beds Thoughts:
While Pure Latex Bliss Will Soon Be Owned By Latex International we believe it can only mean one thing, a better Pure LatexBliss. Congratulations and keep up the great work.
Doug Belleville

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