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Is One Holiday Better Than Another For Mattress and Furniture Sales?

June 2, 2010
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I was recently asked which holiday has the best mattress and furniture sales,

Memorial Day or Labor Day that got me thinking. Are we supposed to believe that Memorial Day or Labor Day Sales typically have bigger holidays sales than other annual holidays? What about after holiday sales? What are we doing living for the holidays?

Lets be realistic, just because a mattress or furniture store advertises that we’re saving a lot of money doesn’t necessarily mean that we are getting the absolute best price for that sale item. What about the other holiday sales Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July and so forth? I think we need to step back from the hype and use common sense here and remember that stores have to pay rent and their mortgage all year long. So why would they have only a sale or two a year say Memorial Day or Labor Day that are big? What makes one or both of them the best savings day of the entire year? Should we really believe that better prices during one of those two days are better than an after Thanksgiving sale? Come on people they have us sold and snowed.

Retailers are smart and know that my wife would love to have her bedroom filled with something gorgeous for her birthday, anniversary, Mothers Day, or Valentines Day helping her convert that old bedroom into her personal sanctuary.  Perhaps retailers don’t think that a hard working laborers’ back deserves a new mattress? Do we really believe that mattress stores are really going to make him wait till Fathers Day before he can get one? What if he is not a father?

My point is this, great sales and discounts are available at various stores all through out the year. We would suggest before buying a mattress or furniture on a holiday that you shop to get the best price on an item you are interested in, in order to establish what it costs before the so called discount or sale. In addition never feel the pressure of an ending sale. Never get in a hurry and rush to close the deal because a sale ends today or Saturday and stop living for the holidays if you know what we mean? There are other holidays and there will be other sales.

Shopping tips:

·    Decide on what it is you want to buy before a sale.
·    Established base line price for that item.
·    Many stores use “suggested”, “retail” or “compare at” prices. These are ridiculous and seem to be inflated to start with so they can discount 50% or more for the “big sale”
·    Consider retail stores that use everyday low prices. Wal-Mart does this and they are the number one retail Department store.

365 days a year
Approximately 47 potential sales a year
What do retailers do for the other 318 days there are no holidays?

1. New Year’s Day
2. College Football Championship Game
3. Martin Luther King Day
4. Groundhog Day
5. Super Bowl
6. Lincoln’s Birthday
7. St. Valentines Day
8. Presidents Day and Washington’s Birthday
9. Mardi Gras Carnival
10. Fat Tuesday
11. St. Patrick’s Day
12. Earth Hour
13. April Fool’s Day
14. Good Friday
15. Easter Sunday
16. Tax Day
17. Administrative Professionals Day or National Secretary’s Day
18. Earth Day
19. Kentucky Derby horse race
20. Cinco de Mayo
21. Mother’s Day
22. Armed Forces Day
23. Memorial Day
24. Flag Day
25. U.S. Open Golf Championship tournament
26. Father’s Day
27. July 4 Independence Day USA
28. Parents’ Day
29. Labor Day
30. Patriot Day (a.k.a. 9/11 or September 11th)
31. Grandparents’ Day
32. Step family Day
33. Citizenship Day
34. Native American Day
35. Columbus Day
36. Boss’s Day (National Bosses Day)
37. Halloween
38. Election Day
39. Veterans’ Day
40. Thanksgiving Day
41. Black Friday
42. Cyber Monday
43. Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
44. Chanukah/Hanukkah
45. Christmas Day
46. Kwanzaa
47. New Year’s Eve