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Mattress Wholesale St Louis

Considering buying a mattress for wholesale cost at one of the local St. Louis stores?

Mattress Wholesale St Louis Wholesale Retail Speed Photo by whizchickenonabun

Before you do you’ll want to learn the differences between manufacturers that build the mattresses and the retailers  they sell too that claim to sell them for wholesale pricing direct to the public.  Retail stores such as STL Beds, Mattress Firm, and Rothman Furniture are different from other mattress stores that claim to be mattress wholesale stores and outlet stores. They are really all the same and only differ in their marketing approach, they do not differ in the cost they sell mattresses for to the public.

Take my store STL Beds is a retail mattress store. We are not  Mattress Wholesale St Louis or a wholesale to the public store. We don’t advertise ridiculous discounts, bogus percentages off, and advertise blow out prices in places like Craig’s List.
Look for stores that guarantee everyday lowest prices on Like, Similar, or Comparable mattress sets. Truthfully isn’t that what everyone really wants? The finest quality built mattress for the absolute guaranteed best price? They will dare you to shop and compare pricing to wholesale mattress stores, warehouse mattress stores, and discount mattress stores and tell you if they can’t beat it, they’ll buy it for you because they want to reveal that competitors deals are not deals at all and are nothing more than trickery and marketing genius.

Know if your getting the best deal?

First do your homework after all he who studies passes the test. Lets face it we don’t buy mattresses everyday we will be tested by the salespeople who claim to sell wholesale, and most will school us right out of our hard earned money. Truth is most people don’t know the difference between wholesale and retail pricing or they wouldn’t fall for such sly marketing tactics.

Things to know, look for, & do when mattress shopping

  • Sealy Serta, Simmons & other manufacturers who build mattresses and then sell them wholesale to licensed retailers. There are very few companies that build mattresses and sell them to the public and to my knowledge none that do it for wholesale prices.
  • Watch for stores that focus only on prices, saving, and bells and whistles.
  • When stores claim 50% 60% even 75% compared to, or off of retail prices ask for proof. Ask to see receipts and shop the stores they claim to be selling the comparative model and for how much. In other words see if their telling the truth and call their bluff.
  • Consumer Reports found that comparing mattress is extremely hard. Insist on apples to apples comparisons; ask for specification sheets that reveal exactly what the bed was built with and then do the same for mattress models they have compared their prices too.
  • Watch for cunning store names that imply big savings. Such practices doesn’t make them cheaper, it only makes them crafty marketers. Examples: places that use words like wholesale, warehouse, outlet, discount, bargain, some companies even suggest that we save more money by them only being open certain days of the week.

We all want to believe we’re saving big money but no one just gives their money away and stores that claim to sell for wholesale are no different. So called mattress wholesalers are not going to under cut other mattress retailers by hundreds or even thousands of dollars because it doesn’t make good business since to give a way profits.
Our suggestion is to walk away and think about it, other deals and perhaps the one you were just offered will most likely still be there tomorrow. You need to research the claims of massive saving. Stores that are legit won’t mind and your wallet won’t either.