Mattress Warranty Top 10 Questions

January 10, 2011
In the Bedroom

Top 10 Frequently Asked Mattress Warranty Questions

    1. What percentage of mattresses are defective? The industry generally says fewer than two percent.
    2. What exactly does a mattress warranty cover? Any defect found in your mattress or box spring that is a result of something the manufacturer failed to do properly during assembly or something that broke or failed prematurely that which will be explained in the warranty card.
    3.  What are the warranty requirements? Most warranties require the original owner to file a claim. In addition that person must present proof that they are the original owner by way of a receipt. Some companies will accept cancelled checks, charge card statements, or financing contracts as proof of purchase.  The mattress or box spring must not have any stains, tears, rips, or damage. The mattress and or box spring must meet specific guidelines set by each bed manufacturer which should be explained inside the warranty card.

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  1. What happens if I’m told my mattress is defective? The bed manufacturer may replace the defective mattress and or box spring with the exact replacement if it is still available. If not a comparable will be available at no extra charge or a one of greater value will be offered. In such an instance you will be directed to a retailer where an appointment to re-select a new mattress and or box spring to replace your defective one. The retailer will either for free or for a fee pick up the defective product and deliver the new one.
  2. How do I file a warranty claim? Because warranties can and do vary from one mattress company to the next it is first and foremost that you read through the entire manufacturer warranty card. This will explain the important details regarding what is considered a defect or not.
  3. If I am having a problem with my bed and there is something wrong with it who do I contact? Contact the retailer where you purchased the mattress set. If they are no longer in business of no longer carry that brand of mattress you can either contact another retailer who may be able to assist you or you can contact the manufacturer to begin the process.
  4. What is a mattress warranty for? A manufacturers warranty offers protection to the consumer from manufacturer defects or improper assembly during the workmanship process of building guarantees repair or replacement. Warranties do not include or cover issues as a result of misuse, abuse, or mishandling in addition it does not cover problems that are a result of an owner that has not met the requirements outlined in the manufacturers’ warranty card.
  5. Can I remove the label from my mattress? The manufacturer’s law label is the white sewn through identification information tag that is located on the mattress and foundation ends. While not against the law for the purchaser to remove these tags, we suggest that you leave them in place.  If you do remove it store it with your reciept or proof of purchase information in case of a warranty claim. It contains information such as model number and manufacture date, which identify the mattress and show a relationship between it the manufacturer and the receipt and is need in most cases to ensure to proper processing of a warranty claim.
  6. What if I am not comfortable in my new mattress? Although some manufacturers like Tempur Pedic and Savvy Rest offer 90 comfort guarantees they are rare from mattress manufacturers. Mattress warranties cover workmanship and material defects they do no guarantee comfort. Some retail mattress stores offer comfort guarantees which are a time period that a mattress set may be exchanged or returned.
  7. What is not covered in a mattress warranty*?
  • Mattress handles
  • Fabric wear unless excessive
  • Replacement that ensures a matching mattress set
  • Damage or failure from incorrect/insufficient support
  • Stains and soiling
  • Damage from improper care such as insufficient rotation/turning/flipping over if applicable of the mattress
  • Failure from improper or weak bed or bed frame support
  • Damage as a result of misuse or mishandling
  • Comfort
  • *We advise to review the warranty card for specific details