Mattress Topper Or Pad? Let’s Help You Choose

September 20, 2018
In the Bedroom

Mattress topper or pad, which should you buy? It begins with knowing exactly what you need.

You would need a mattress topper or pad for any or all of the following reasons:

  • You just brought a new mattress home so you want it protected or you’re looking for ways to improve your current sleep setup.
  • You want an additional layer between you and your mattress, with just a hint of added plushness.  
  • Your mattress needs a face lift, or you want to change up the kind of material you’re sleeping on without buying a new mattress.

If any or all of those scenarios apply to you, then you sure do need a mattress topper or pad. The question is which? Let’s help you choose.

When to Buy a Mattress Pad

First off, what is a mattress pad?

A mattress pad is typically a fitted-sheet style construction with cotton batting that goes over your mattress to protect it and serve to add extra comfort to your mattress, without adding a thick layer of foam. Mattress pads are similar to fitted sheets and hug the mattress from all sides, protecting it from stains and wear that can occur without a pad.

So if you recently brought home a new mattress or you’re looking to buy one, getting a mattress pad will help protect your mattress against dust mites, dander, and everyday wear. On top of that, you can improve your sleep set up by adding extra padding to your bed with a mattress pad.

And yes, a mattress pad can serve you even more, depending on the type. But there is one thing a mattress pad won’t do for you: it won’t revive a mattress that’s past its prime. At best, it will soften things just a tad and give you a more plush feeling.

Here are the common types of mattress pads and when you need them:

  • An organic mattress pad – A simple solution for a slightly uncomfortable mattress that you don’t want to add foam or other chemically-produced materials to your bed.
  • Pillow top mattress pad or a cooling mattress pad—These are essentially upgraded versions with more filling when compared to the simple flat mattress pad. A cooling mattress pad is infused with gels or heat-wicking materials. These are great for stuffy sleepers!
  • A waterproof mattress pad: This can offer a bit of protection for your mattress, but you should always triple check that its designed to do so before relying on it.
  • When to buy a mattress topper

What is a Mattress Topper?

A mattress topper is basically a foam mattress pad, usually without the fitted sheet construction as the topper can fit under your bed sheets and won’t move around too much especially with versions that are 2 inches thick or greater. Mattress toppers also provide an extra layer of comfort as it sits on top of your mattress. But unlike mattress pads, toppers are thicker, many of them reaching three or more inches thick. So when you’re looking to get extra comfort, toppers are a great way to add a layer of comfort to your bed. Ranging in thickness, they can help enhance the current feel of your bed making it as soft or supportive as you like.

These toppers are often machine washable and have a quilted construction so the filling is evenly dispersed. There are many differences between mattress pads and mattress toppers. But each of these accessories will bring comfort to your mattress. Toppers can come in a variety of materials—usually, they are memory or poly foam based and the most popular these days being talalay latex. 

Because they are often thicker than your average mattress pad, they provide a significantly more support and comfort than an ordinary mattress pad cover. Because toppers have a little more heft to them, they can often make an older, less comfortable bed feel better on the body. But that’s not to say they can revive a worn out mattress or one that’s past its prime. Put simply, a mattress topper can only do so much.

With that clear, let’s talk about your options when it comes to mattress toppers… Toppers can also come in down or cotton varieties, they are typically much thicker than a mattress pad. They aren’t a permanent solution, but they can certainly help get you by until you can replace your bed. Toppers will change the entire surface feel of your mattress, so it’s more of a commitment than a thinner pad.

Which Should You Choose?

Again, it depends on your needs. If you want extra comfort when you sleep, you should either get a new and more comfortable piece of foam or you buy yourself a mattress topper. But if all you want is a layer of protection for your mattress, then you choose a mattress pad over a topper. In any case, if you’re still not sure which to choose, there’s no harm in buying both to use as the occasion serves. What’s most important is for you to get a great sleep every time. Our expert staff would be happy to help you figure that out.