Making The Most Of The Bedroom Space You Have

Making the Most of the Bedroom Space You Have

November 14, 2013
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Making More Bedroom Space

When square footage is becoming a critical feature of your home, but a new house just isn’t on the horizon or in the budget, it’s time to create space within the square footage that is already there.

A prime example of this technique is found in a lot of children’s bedrooms where bunk beds are used. Bunk beds double the number of beds available while using little or no additional space.

Bunk Beds Have Evolved

They really have and are much more than old-fashioned twin beds stacked upon one another. Furniture designers have added modern twists and elements to the old standard making it not just for children anymore. Contemporary bunk beds can consist of different sized beds with a twin mattress typically on top and a full-sized mattress on the bottom. They can be parallel or at ninety degree angles.

Another bunk bed configuration is that of a futon couch as the bottom bunk. This particular design is popular among teenagers wanting a more grown up space. The futon arrangement provides a living space as well as a sleeping space. The loft bed is another form of bunk bed although it only sleeps one. This design is popular among college students living in cramped dorm rooms. Beneath the upper twin bed is a desk, bookcase, futon, or simply open space to fill with other furniture that will not fit in a room designed for just a bed and desk.

New Storage Feature Down Below

A newer feature in the evolution of the bunk bed is the creation of storage space out of the unused area beneath the bottom bunk. This unused space is replaced by drawers which act as a base for the bottom bunk mattress while offering extra storage for clothing. If “storing” an additional child is needed more than the clothing storage, there is a solution. Instead of wasted space or drawers beneath the bottom bunk, a trundle bed option is available. Pull it out when needed and store it when not.

While bunk beds may not be a permanent solution for a growing family, it will resolve some issues for a while. Whether you go for the old bunk bed standard of stacked twin beds or for a more modern take on the traditional, the result is the same, more beds and storage for more people in the same square footage.