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How To Lower Queen Size Mattress Sets

February 11, 2013
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Question: I have a queen size mattress that sits too high, while it looks pretty cool it is hard to get in and out of. Would you have any suggestions on the best ways to lower my queen size mattress? I haven’t bought a mattress in many years and didn’t realize the problems I was going to run into. My old sheets are too thin and don’t fit, the mattress is blocking out my headboard, and it sits high enough I could hurt myself if I were to fall out.

Answer: The idea is to have the surface of the bed sitting a reasonable height. The tallness not only makes transitioning in and out harder but it can affect the visual aesthetics of how the headboard looks. Taller mattresses dressed with pillows and bedding may partially or completely block a beautiful piece of furnishing and after all, you probably spent money on the headboard and you want to see it right?

Best ways to lower your queen size mattress and boxspring

Lower the bed height with a low profile queen size bed frame

  • There are many lower bed frame options. Some will attach to headboards while others will fasten to headboards and footboards.  Next, we need to determine how the frame and bed will be fitting together. How the frame is going to connect is a detail many do it yourselfers must identify. Will the frame connect by bolting up with threaded bolts, washers, and nuts, or does it hook into vertical slots built into the bed legs? These kinds of bed carriages or (frames) support the boxspring, the base that a mattress should rest upon. These styles of frames take taller beds and lower them 3 to 3 ½ inches. This is usually enough to place the bed at a practical height while also making the bed more visually appealing.
  • The disadvantage is the storage space underneath the bed is reduced because of the reduced elevation.
  • Very tall people may find a bed that has been lowered a bit harder to get out of bed that has the height dropped.

Lower taller beds with low profile boxsprings

Low profile box spring and low profile foundations are other options. They replace 8 to 9-inch tall support bases with 4 to 5-inch tall support base systems. If you are purchasing a brand new mattress set and it looks to be thicker consider this option instead of replacing the steel bed frame.

Combining both suggestions is another way to lower the bed

When these foundations/boxsprings are used in combination with a low boy or low profile bed frame they can significantly reduce the overall bed elevation by nearly 9 inches. This arrangement of using a lower base and lower frame offers an overall maximum height reduction.