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Lifetime Mattress Warranty

April 16, 2011
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Get a mattress and boxspring with a life time warranty…

Sound too good to be true? If you are thinking about purchasing a new mattress and have considered the warranty to be a key indicator of the quality of your mattress, hang on to your night cap. Mattress manufacturers have some of the longest warranties on their products in any industry to be found. 10 years, 20 years even lifetime mattress warranties can be found by the unsuspecting bed shopper, but are they just a dream?

Lifetime Mattress Warranty available on all mattresses?

Yes, it seems you can find such deals on about anything in the bedding industry. We have seen the lifetime guarantee available on every type of mattress including: Mattress and Box Springs, Memory Foam, Waterbeds , Airbeds, Etc. If you have considered buying one of these products the fact is dealers or manufacturers will have an offer to entice you. Something so good that it just may cause you to stop your mattress shopping process and buy what they have to offer because it is guaranteed for the lifetime that you own it, wow what a deal right?

What does a Lifetime Mattress Warranty really cover?

While it is true that these lifetime warranties offer the buyer some level of protection throughout their ownership of their set. There are many details to be read which could fill this entire page so we will spare you lawyer jargon, however the main point that we would like to point out is that the promises of  this kind of warranty coverage do not come without some kind of costs to the consumer. This is because the details of these repair or replacement promises are written by lawyers for the retailers and builders of the beds. In reality the full warranty coverage usually ranges from 5 to 20 years and cover sworkman ship and material defects.

Included are many details and usually leave to the final and ultimate determination of  warranty qualification to the manufacturer not the consumer. The remaining years are pro-rated. This means the consumer gets a discount on repair or replacement. This discount is often off of a higher inflated retail price. As the years pass the discounts are reduced.  The purchaser may have to pay for labor and shipping fees and often does not cover fabric or outer covering which is susceptible to ordinary wear and tear

Is a Lifetime Mattress Warranty a good deal?

Know  that if you buy into a life time mattress warranty that you will need to be comfortable dealing with the same brand and manufacturer. Perhaps you will be locked into working with the same retailer for the entire life of owning this bed. In the case the retailer was also the mattress manufacturer and they go out of business, know that your warranty is not worth the paper it is written on. If you are comfortable with having to pay 50%,  75% ,or more of the current retail price to have your mattress fixed or replaced this is probably not for you. If you are comfortable paying all shipping costs which includes both ways, boxing and bagging again not for you.  If you realize that that any sign of abuse or improper care which includes simple marks or stains can cancel the care and replacement you expect. The warranty is null and void.

When it comes to lifetime guarantees and mattresses just remember the old idiom “the devil is in the details” which refers to a catch or mysterious hidden element that is in the details and in this case it is the warranty card. Read one before you are awakened from the nightmare of a bad warranty.